Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Figure out How to Invest Yourself

In my eBook available on Amazon Kindle,What's Next in Midlife: Identify Your Top 5 Essential Passions:  A Self-Coaching Tool for Christian Women (Self-Coaching Tools for Christian Women Book 3) by [Garde, Rose] are prompts for discovering your top five passions. I came up with the formula after several years of searching what God might want me to pour my new-found-time into once my kids no longer needed me in the same ways once they became adults. 

I had life coach training and had coached a dozen or more women. I'd taken a work-from-home gig as a transcriptionist for Fortune 500 companies but given it up after four years. I had successfully sold hundreds of articles to be used for web content, and worked for private clients in redrafting some of their writing. At this point, I craved focus. I needed to know who "I" was now.

Some questions I asked were: Is there a bigger calling out there for me? Am I limiting myself? Isn't there a job working with people that I should be doing? Should I go back to school? Is there a new job awaiting me that I merely need to look for? Should I be holding in person coaching groups? Can't I use my skills for bigger pay?

There seemed to be as many options as my mind could come up with? I felt scattered.

Testing the Options

I went about testing some of my ideas. I applied for volunteer work, applied for jobs, and looked into courses.

I sought God about all of these things. 

Then I followed an online course through  The instructor went through a number of probing questions small business owners could ask themselves to come up with their personal brand. 

I decided instead of applying this to a business, I would apply it to life in general. After asking myself several probing questions, I had answered a lot of questions about who I was. I narrowed down the top five things that define me (other than being a Christ follower). 

Finding Focus 

My top callings include writing, creating art, gardening and enjoying the outdoors, exercising, and caring for my home and family. This list offers plenty to fill every day without me signing up for another course or taking a paid job. 

For the last few years since making this discovery, I've been dividing my time between them. I still earn money from writing. My art is for sale though I've not sold any. I've joined a bootcamp where I get exercise and socialization, and I get outdoors daily either to be with the pets or to garden. My home and property require a lot of care and upkeep. I'm in charge of that as well as our social calendar. 

When invitations arise, I look for whether or not they fit into one of these niches. If not, I say no.

Do you feel scattered? Do you think having your top callings listed would help you know how to invest your time, money, and energy? 

You might want to work through this book to find out. Otherwise, list what you feel are your top five callings from God. Trust them. Work them. Stay in your lane. Don't make earning money your focus. Build kingdom commodity by serving God this way instead. He will take care of you.