Thursday, June 14, 2018

Do You Worry? Are you Disappointed?

Every once in awhile I'm hit with an attack of the worries, are you? They might arrive in the wee hours of the morning while hardly awake, they might strike at midnight when I'm tired--there is no specified time. 

We all know the enemy (devil) looks for opportunities to get us to worry.  He whispers worry, regret, fear and doubt into our minds. It's up to us to choose whether we'll give into worry or to get rid of it.  But getting rid of it isn't always that easy.

Getting Rid of Worry

Years ago, Dr. Henry Cloud wrote a book, Changes That Heal.  The chapter I recently turned to referred to our ability to live along side both good and bad in life.  

Bad will always be in the world and so the questions become:
  • What are you seeing in your life, your husband, your kids, that you are labelling as "bad"? 
  • Are these things really bad?
  • Can you say, "It is what it is" and move on? 
  • Do you simply need to lighten up, trust God, shift your thoughts, and learn to co-exist with some of the bad in life?

    I've been working on viewing things from God's eyes lately. It's not always easy, but is more fun and less stressful. I'm learning to put down perfectionism. Can you do that? 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Two Cautions to Keep in Balance

Medical professionals I've talked to don't adhere to the theory of adrenal exhaustion. It has been naturopaths that have put me onto the theory. Just look at the list above for what some believe affects our adrenals and thus our well-being!

Do you believe in adrenal fatigue?

I asked a naturopath what it meant when I was out and about and impatient wanting to yell at store clerks and the like at times. She said that when our adrenals are exhausted, we lack the ability to hold back. We are tempted to be rude and pushy. 

The treatment is being aware of the imbalance and taking rest as needed, and supplements that support the adrenals. 

I'm pretty sure there is something to this theory. Not only do I want to lash out when I feel run down, I am not able to be peaceful and loving as I'd like to be. 

This is why I'm pacing myself as much as I can these days. I take naps, I lay down even for five minutes as needed, and I don't overbook myself. 

Another Syndrome to Watch out For 

Another way we can undo our peace is to live with would have; could have; should have syndrome. For myself, this syndrome arrives alongside overthinking. 

I have found this syndrome arrive mostly after big events like my daughter's wedding. But it can also arrive after a coffee date with a friend, a meeting I've attended, or as a random thought when my mind is not captive. 

The problem with this type of syndrome, it's self-defeating. Yes, we can learn lessons for the future. We can help others avoid mistakes we've made, but to look at all the things you wish you'd done differently is akin to self-bashing. 

The prevention for this syndrome is to always ask God to lead you through each day and each endeavor and then you can trust that how things go are how he intends. 

The way to put down should have, could have, would have thinking is to be kind to yourself and to accept things as they are. Remember, you don't know it all. You aren't necessarily always right. Perhaps how things have gone are of God's design. If so, it's not up to you to argue.