Thursday, June 22, 2017

Constant Cravings?

Every person on the planet has cravings. One of your greatest cravings includes the desire to be seen, heard, and acknowledged. 

Especially for a woman who works from home, meeting those needs in person can be difficult. It's a lot to expect from her husband or best friends.

Not only is it tough for the work-from-home woman to have these cravings met. There are many women who go to work and still don't get seen, heard, or acknowledged. 

Facebook has been a great tool for women to receive those types of acknowledgements. I've found the support of Facebook friends on my business networking and Christian friends page to be of great support. 

When connections, feedback, and acknowledgement are sparse, though, it's good to remember what the Bible teaches us:

God Sees Us 

God sees us and knows us intimately.  He abides with us and lives in us. He guides us. He sees what we do. He knows what we need even before we express it. 

God Hears Us 

God hears our prayers. He hears our cries. He hears our thanks. He rejoices with us. He comforts us. 

God Acknowledges Us

God is our provider and rewarder. He causes the seeds we plant to bear fruit. He blesses us with good things. He delivers us. He walks through trials with us. He brings comfort and stirs our hope. He brings others around us to support us. He gives us God-whispers to remind us of his love.   

God is supernatural and doesn't even require our prodding. Today I got out of bed feeling glum. I didn't want to do the work of stirring myself up. I didn't want to motivate myself.  I didn't feel like praying. But as I opened the fridge to get milk for my coffee, I was overcome with a feeling of revival. The Holy Spirit took it upon himself to stir me. 

Who Can You See, Hear, and Acknowledge?

Stay aware that all around you are people who have the craving to be seen, heard, and acknowledged--both online and in person. I challenge you today to be aware of your encounters with others. Take the focus off yourself and do what you can to see, hear, and acknowledge those you cross paths with. Make a difference for them in some small or even large way.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Fresh Look at Life

We are fixers and solution-searchers. Even the best of us don't like the patient wait God often requires of us. We want answers and to move forward. We long to hear that one answer we are sure is for us. Can you relate?

In thinking this over, I looked up an old post I'd put back into draft. It offered this advice:

a)  Understand my normal is not your normal.  Your normal is different from another person's.  Remember, God likes variety.  You don't need to act like someone you're not. You don't need to be like the extrovert you know in person or online. You don't need to run a marathon just because Pam did. You don't need to take fast action when it works better for you to be slow and methodical. You don't need to be a morning bird just because Jane is. Know yourself and be yourself. Be okay with who you are.  

b) Accept advice. When someone offers input or advice, thank them. Investigate it. Don't become defensive and put up walls. Don't react like they've stepped over your boundary. God speaks to us all. He may speak to you through someone else. Don't slam the door on their advice. Ponder what is shared. God's word says in Proverbs 19:20-29 "Listen to advice and accept correction, and in the end you will be wise." If someone took the time to think about you, that's pretty special. 

c) Understand her normal isn't your normal. Accept others for how they are and the choices they've made. Don't feel you need to change others to be like you. Accept her quirks. We all make mistakes. We're all a work in progress. Appreciate those God brings into your life either in person or online. Don't be narcissistic. That means, quit making life all about you. Look at the good in others. Be a cheerleader. Ask others how they're doing. Be interested in their projects. Offer them advice if you feel God giving you some. Don't project your issues on another person.  

d)  Know that there is no perfect love relationship. All relationships take work. Work on your relationship upkeep the same way you work on your house upkeep. Keep refreshing and renewing it. Get over whatever bothers you. Keep your goal in front of you--your vision for how you want your relationships to be. Remember, you're on the same team. Help each other. Love each other with kind actions.

e)  Realize that some things can be fixed or improved, but it is far better to learn to live with what you have and to enjoy it. Ask yourself, "Have I arrived?" "Am I on the greener grass I dreamt about?" If so, enjoy it. Dive into your now. Look around and complete the tasks right in front of you--the filing, the dusting, the phone calls, the ride you need to give someone, the visit, the appointment, the massage, the work you do. Trust God to take you where he wants you and when it seems he's not sending you anywhere, relax, read, grow, and learn. Ask God to rev up your life his way in his time. Wherever you find yourself is part of your calling. Don't worry so much.

Feel free to offer a comment below or to email me at  Thanks. 

Friday, June 09, 2017

A Bit of This and That

I'm in a lull. Since uploading my latest eBook all writing projects have ceased. I'm craving something new. I'm also intentionally staying off the computer to see if my tinnitus and muscle aches lighten up.

In the Garden 

With the rain and sun causing the garden plants to grow quickly, I've been outside tackling them. I enjoy gardening. I enjoy adding my personal touch to my yard. It's been fun.

It's also been exhausting. I consider gardening and all the walking involved good exercise, but it makes it hard to consider other projects such as the volunteer work and support group I am considering doing.

I'm sure if there was a supervisor to give me a badge for my hard work, I'd have earned one. I have 2 new lawn signs in place (for our address). I have 4 new garden areas developed with plantings. I have now pulled the weeds from the entire front beds. I've placed new trellis' for the clematis and rose bush near the front door, I've mowed the lawn umpteen times already.  I've done all this and should be proud but the world doesn't know all I've done. This is the type of passion that's a little frustrating because of little praise, feedback or reward.


I had given up gardening in my late 40s sensing my body couldn't handle it. Then God moved us to this house when I was 51. It was either hire help or do it myself. What would you do?

So doing it myself is instead of doing paid or volunteer work. It is what I do for exercise instead of going to a gym. But three hours a day of gardening is hard work. I'm worn out. I'ts hard to have a passion that wears me out.

What do you do when you're worn out? The other day I Googled whether it was better to push through tiredness or to rest. The article suggested resting to give the adrenals a break. Do you find it easy to rest? Can you resist pushing through?


I have a massage booked for next week. I've been needing one for a while. This professional addresses the head and neck. I hope it will be just what I need.

Well, I hate to say it, but just typing this much has tightened up my trap muscles at the top of my back. I have to quit.

Let me know your passions, your schedule, and what you do for self care.