Saturday, December 30, 2017

Set a List of Defining Words for Your New Year

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This lovely meme is courtesy of a Facebook page called God's Love at Work.

Many of my like-minded friends have taken to choosing a word for the year. It's like setting an intention for a way of living. It's a type of resolution for the new year.

I've pondered many words but haven't chosen one. 

I posted the verse above because as I read it, some very good words stood out. 

TRUST, for instance, is a good word I might choose. It's calming to remind myself to trust the Lord.

SUBMIT would be another good word--a reminder to look to God's authority and to keep an ear to the ground to follow His lead. 

A few other words I've pondered include these:

JOY - to find joy, but also to make it my mission to bring joy to those I cross paths with. If I choose this word, I will look at scriptures and read about joy so I will know how to have it and share it. 

WELL-BEING or WELLNESS- Operating out of a sense of well-being would allow me to be a joy- and peace-bearer. It implies a focus on self-care and better health. It's focus would mean keeping my life in balance and taking steps to improved health. 

WILLING - This came to me today after watching a Joyce Meyer video clip. She suggested that to find the will of God we must be willing to try things. I willingly joined a new fitness group in 2017 and I want to be more willing to try new things in 2018. I willingly helped my mother-in-law get sorted to move into a long-term care home. It was a fulfilling (although stressful) way to use my gifts and time. I had to be willing to do it.

PEACE - The Bible says in Psalm 34:14 to seek peace and pursue it. I think focusing on peace would keep the temperature in my home and relationships calmer.

DO GOOD/GOOD DEEDS - The first part of Psalm 34:14 says to "do good." Other verses point out the call of God for us to do good deeds, for instance:

1 Tim 6:16 "Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.

This verse is regarding widows, but is important for all women to heed:

"She must be well known for her good actions as a woman who has raised children, welcomed strangers, washed the saints' feet, helped the suffering, and devoted herself to doing good in every way." (1 Tim 5:10)

LET GO - As a mom of grown children, I've been in an ongoing season of letting go. I have to let my children make their own decisions and even mistakes. My letting go also coincides with trusting God with every situation instead of trying to fix things myself.

ACCEPT -  I've learned others have chosen this word. It can encompass many things. I think many women get caught up in striving. They compare their life with others or what they think they should be doing and struggle accepting where God has them. If God directs our path, then where we are is where he wants us. Accepting where we are each day and appreciating God's good gifts will lead to greater peace and satisfaction.

GENEROUS - I've been reading the notes in a Poverty and Justice Bible  (received from our church yrs ago).

It has challenges within it urging readers to be generous and compassionate. It urges us to be kind to the poor and points out the poor are also poor in spirit which may include anything from a depressed or lonely friend or senior, or someone who needs a boost of hope. 

Ungodly individuals may have wealth, but they are stingy in sharing it. They don't live in kingdom principles. God doesn't tell us to store up treasure on earth. He tells us to store up treasure in heaven. As believer's we know that God will bless us with favour. What we reap we will sow. We can be wise and generous at the same time. 

As I've stepped out to be more generous, I've felt the joy of giving.  

Well, this post is getting lengthy. Perhaps I'll adopt all these words. How about you? What do you think of this idea of adopting a word or set of words to live your year by? 

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Live in Kingdom Commodity

Jesus often told us not to worry. He also told us to be careful of the love of money. 

I confess, when I sell a book or article, I get a bit of a rush. I feel validated. It guides me to know I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. It would be pointless to keep writing and publishing on Kindle if nothing sells. It would be pointless to keep writing web content articles or solicit customers if I won't ever reap from my work.

It's pointless to keep this blog going if I have no readers. But I do. I feel guided when I see blog analytics of readers. 

Jesus also has said a worker deserves his or her wages. That's the part I sometimes get hung up on because I never seem to make enough to pay for all the work I try to do both taking care of the home and family and through my writing or good works. 

I get bogged down by scarcity. Low pay, low analytics, few comments or email requests make me wonder if I'm mis-using my time.

But I am aware of Kingdom commodity too. That is, when we obey God and carry out the works he has assigned, though we might not be rewarded on earth, we do lay up treasure in heaven. I'm counting on that.

Another form of Kingdom commodity is God's favor. He might protect our possessions or have blessings flow in other ways. 

Just today my husband opened an envelope listing an update on two of our investments. Each has gone up $5,000 in two months! Perhaps that is how God has chosen to pay me. 

I won't use that money until retirement or old age and I can't take it with me when I die so I don't put a lot of weight on it. Nevertheless, I'm thrilled God is blessing us.

Do you rely on analytics, sales, Facebook likes and comments to keep you going? Yes, they can help you discern your direction. Pray God increases them. But also live in Kingdom commodity. Simply obey what you feel God is asking you to do, and be satisfied, not worried, guilty, or less than.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Life Purpose Happens Daily

I just read another woman's post on 'life purpose.' It was a Facebook post and I hesitated whether to "like" it or not.

Many have their own idea of what finding life purpose means. I've traveled that road of discovery over many years now, and I have my own 'take' on it. 

One of my takes is to not get too bogged down on it. Some seem to think we each have one big purpose. That one big purpose is what people are always trying to figure out--what big thing God wants them to do--what big rewarding door he will open. That idea can bog women down for years though, in my opinion. 

Most of us have many little purposes to fulfill. Not all of them will be pleasant either! (When I cleaned my preschooler's pants, I was living my purpose, but it wasn't pleasant!)

Most of us are already fulfilling them. If we abide with God, we know he directs our steps without a doubt. We merely need to stay involved. 

The author of the Facebook post suggested we identify our purpose, write it on a piece of paper, put it on the floor and practice taking steps toward it. 

I'm sure this exercise has some merit. It might be helpful for setting steps toward goals. But as for identifying one big life purpose to walk toward, makes the tiny purposes we fulfill daily seem like they don't count. 


Sometimes we don't feel purposeful because no one has acknowledged our contributions. Sometimes we don't feel we're living our calling because our calling comes so easy to us that it doesn't feel noteworthy. 

Yet the simple little ways we go about life, blessing others, helping others, pleasing God, getting errands done, doing chores, and using our skills, are all part of fulfilling our life purpose. 

If you are hung up on yours, why not start a habit of listing what you accomplished in a day whether in your own home or with or for others. Learn to appreciate the small tasks. 

You may not receive earthly reward or recognition, but you are storing up treasure in Heaven!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Seek God and all Will be Added

I love listening to Joice Meyer, do you? I often watch her show before I go to sleep. 

On the show I watched last night, she offered advice that I found very freeing. It went something like this:

Don't go out seeking, 
seek God and all will be added to you. 

She went on to say, present your requests to God--tell him the desires of your heart, then leave them with him to work on.

This was freeing to me because in this fast-paced world, I often feel I'm not doing enough. I'm not helping enough people, interacting enough, bringing in enough paid work, not earning enough, and so on. In an era of constant self-improvement, I'm often looking for what to improve on, never quite arriving. 

The words "don't go around seeking" are what brought me peace. Women in my network often go around seeking for the next new thing to get involved in. I often go about searching through online job boards because I feel discontent. Going about "seeking" becomes a life of striving. 

I'm going to let this advice simmer and seek God and contentment more this week. How about you?

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Re-thinking Ministries for Women

Churches are leaving huge gaps in serving the people God has put under their care. 

All through life women are trained to pursue higher education, to apply themselves, to take on leadership roles, and to live a life of purpose. 

In the church, women are too often left to bring the cookies, man the coffee table, teach Sunday School and sit quietly in their seats. 

But a pulse of every God-created woman's heart is to live a life of purpose. For some, for a time, that purpose relates directly to being a mom. Some are career women who rely on child care, others are at-home moms. But BOTH moms are working moms. Both are challenged from every direction. Both want to be known by their own name, not as so-and-so's mom. All women have a need for significant purpose. 

I'm drawing on my memory and experience in search of ideas for what I found helpful at various phases and what I wish would have been in place. Perhaps your church or women's ministry can adopt some:

1. Certificate courses. Most women like ongoing learning. 
I took a Sunday School teacher graded course where I received a certificate afterward. Another course taught by a counsellor was a "Heart's Course" where I was taught how to minister to others. Another was a Networks course, trained on being a consultant to help people find their unique ministry (which never did quite transpire). I also took a SHAPE instructor course. 

2. Leadership Training Courses.  I was working on creating leadership training modules. I think the women would have flocked to such training. The idea was to help women identify and develop their God-given skills and find niches to use them. (It wasn't embraced by my women's ministry team, and now the course is stuck in an old computer.) Women of school-aged children and empty nest children especially would benefit from this training that helps them see a potential pathway before them. 

2. Recognition and promotion. I moved churches a lot due to moving geographically. I offered to lead a Bible Study at one church but was told I had to be "mentored" to do it their way. I get it, but it was a turn off. I turned down the role. I need to be free to fly. Most churches have too much red tape. If they keep doing what they've always done, won't they keep getting what they always get? No change = stagnation in today's society. 

3. Topical discussion group. We don't want to dwell on topics forever, but in balance with Bible studies, women need safe places to share their own life challenges. I suggest age-specific, life challenge specific groups. Where, for instance, do 48 to 55 year old women fit?

Well, that's just a bit of thinking off the top of my head. Hope something helps you. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

New Book Tinnitus, God, and You

When I discovered I had tinnitus that wouldn't let up, I began researching treatments. I then tried multiple treatments and sought the help of multiple professionals. I had gathered so much information that I put it into eBook form. I even quickly published it on Amazon. But my motives weren't right. I thought perhaps that once I wrote I would have accomplished the purpose for which I was afflicted and then God would relieve me.

I wasn't relieved. So I took the book down.I didn't see the value in a book that didn't result in a cure. 

Recently, I went back and re-read some of it and found I felt my faith was encouraged by some of the spiritual guidance I'd included. A light went on that the purpose of the book wasn't to help others find a cure, but to encourage them to walk through tinnitus with faith in God.

I've now re-written the book and it just went up on Amazon today. And to my amazement, I have quiet today! That is, no ear hissing, buzzing, ringing. I pray that continues.

Here is a glimpse at the new book. Recommend it to someone you think it might help.

 Tinnitus, God, and You: Walk Through Tinnitus with Faith by [Garde, Rose]

Thursday, October 19, 2017

My MishMashed Life

Life with God is hard to figure out. This post is a little self-centred today, but maybe you'll connect.

I invite God into my day regularly. He knows my heart's desires. He knows my willingness level. He knows what I'm good at and where I need motivation. I am confident in his leadership.
Art by Rosalie Garde

I left the paid workforce I was in fulltime for 14 yrs to raise my children fulltime. From then on I looked for outside paid work, but when I didn't find any, I looked for things I could do from home. I truly believe if God wanted me at a job outside my home, he would have opened that door. Even now I often crave that. 

In 2006, I took life coaching courses and worked with a number of women from then until 2011. Life coaching as a calling is hard too. It's hard to find enough clients to stay busy. The desire is still within me, but the doors still aren't opening. I have to wonder if it's time to put that dream away too. 

I love to write and I sell eBooks and articles. At least I have that when I have something to say and share. Thank God for the Internet!

I also create pretty pictures. I could call myself an artist, but the artists I've met locally or online are in a different category to me altogether. I was supposed to show my art at a local bakery deli, but learned that ship has sailed. (The owner's words.) What a letdown!

I tried to hold a group this summer for women to feel supported, women didn't show up consistently. Another letdown.

We can go through life wondering if God has tossed us aside. We know we are skilled and want to use our skills broadly and regularly. I know I do many little important things, but it is often hard to see the bigger picture. 

God seems to send me on missions of his making. Right now my mother-in-law is in a different hospital being assessed again. She may be moved to a long-term care home soon and my husband and I are having to speak with many professionals and will be touring long-term care homes. In some ways this is like a job in itself. 

When I can't quite see the bigger picture of my life purpose, I can at least embrace the structure that is in my day

How about you? Are you feeling life is complex and hard to figure out at times? Do you still trust God is in control? 

Sunday, October 08, 2017

An Opportunity To Boost Your Life - Cambridge, Ontario

I need to hear from women in the Cambridge, Galt, Hespeler, Kitchener and surrounding area again.

I've been asked to consider a proposition for a new opportunity to coach women in person in the area. 

I need to hear from women who would pay to be coached or to have a consultation in person or in a group setting in a Galt location.

This is yet another step in developing and living out my Mission Statement. It is the next step in the development of my local groups, and the Support Groups I brainstormed with my friend. 

I am a certified Life Purpose Coach and a Freelance Writer who produces web content for sale. 

Possible topics:

Life Coaching
  • Life Purpose Coaching
  • Life Direction
  • Midlife Transition
  • Supportive Guidance
  • Mentoring
  • Christian Coaching 
  • Prayer Partnering
  • Goal Setting
  • Accountability
  • Writing Non-Fiction
  • How to Create a Blog Post
  • How to use Blogger (or Wordpress I would refer you too my co-hort)
  • Help in Creating a Kindle eBook
  • Help in Writing Articles 

If this is of interest to you or someone you know, email me or comment below! I can't wait to hear from you!

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Detox Your Life by Living Right God's Way

Your hope will be found in nothing less than Jesus and his righteousness--an adaptation of the song lyrics below:

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus' blood and righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus' name.
On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.

"My Hope is Built on Nothing Less"
by Edward Mote, 1797-1874

We all suffer challenges and need renewed hope. Our children disappoint us. Our money runs dry. Things break. Crimes occur. Violence takes lives. Emotions rise. Anxiety strikes. Depression tries to take ground. 

Songwriter Mote had it right. Many today get it wrong. We turn to psychology, counselors, doctor's prescriptions, the law, and search for hope. But hope is not easily found in these vehicles. True hope comes from God. 

God speaks to us best through his word, the Holy Bible. I suggest if you are searching for hope, that you ask God to lead you to Bible verses, and that you read them in a way that is personal to you and your situation. 


Today, many don't know what right living is. Right living helps you live a peaceful life. Right living cultivates hope. Never give up right living just to get along in the world. 

To know how to live right according to God's standards, one needs to study the Bible. Here is a good reading list to get you started.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Quick Self-Coaching Tip

You know what the problems are in your life. You suspect some action can be taken. You know of some resources. You put off signing up. You put off that exercise, that appointment, or that educational opportunity. 

You wait for the right time, having the right money in place, and you try to work things out for yourself frugally. 

But you become anxious. Things aren't getting better. 

The answer is to ask questions. Ask that counselor, coach or naturopath a question on her Facebook page, talk to a friend, investigate options. 

Most of all, consult God. Remember, even when you don't feel it, Isaiah 58:11 says, The LORD will always lead you.

So when you discover a possibility, make a decision. Then take action. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My Life Coaching Process

I've just started back offering in-person or telephone life coaching sessions at reduced rates. 

I know there are many women in crisis, transition, and so on who just can't justify paying $75 or more. I want to use my skills to help those women, but I can't help everyone. So a select few who sign up at $37.50 a session will get a spot. This will be a 50% fee reduction and the other 50% will be my ministry to you. 


It can be hard to work with women who have multiple issues. I remind myself it's not up to me to solve their problems. The client has to do the work herself!

I like to help women see there are often layers to work through. I like to help her separate them. One woman may benefit from talking them over. In doing so, her mind sifts and prioritizes them without her even realizing it. 

Another woman may benefit from listing troublesome issues on paper so she has a visual to refer to. Post-it notes can be helpful as they can be moved around. 

Sometimes just sorting the issues gives a woman the feeling she can handle whatever she's dealing with because she sees it is multi-faceted. In life she's already had to prioritize, so her natural instincts will kick in to tackle today's issues that are standing in her way of being all God has created her to be.  


Some women know what they want a coach for. I once used a life coaching service to deal with emotions over a shift in my husband's work that required we move across the country. The purpose for the session was firm in my mind. I needed someone safe and confidential to vent to. 

This is different from venting to a friend. With a signed contract by a life coach, your coach HAS to keep what you share confidentially. 

Other women may have so many things they're dealing will it might like a mess of cobwebs or a forest thicket. This woman needs an expert life coach to guide her through the maze and out to safety. 


I'm always interested in pointing a woman to help herself first. Once she identifies the issues she wants to work on, rather than wishfully thinking them away, she can work through them methodically. 

I want my client to work through her issues with self-protection. For instance, when you join a fitness program, at first if you go too hard, you may injure yourself. You may get discouraged and fall back. Muscles take time to strengthen. It will take time to burn fat. Cardio will get easier in time. Methodical steps surrounded by self-care is important in any endeavour.

Some women worry about family members, a spouse who's left them, an ailing parent, etc. They need money, a job, health, and so on. But how can she work on her issues or give her best to anyone else if she is out of balance? She owes it to herself to look after herself and to get into alignment. 

Most women need to set boundaries. They may need to delaying some activities (like me and sprinting) in favor of taking slower steps. They may need to get rid of garbage like guilt, shame, pride, negativity, a desire for revenge, or fear before she can start to feel normal and move forward. 

Depending on your need, a life coach can help direct you. If you'd like to look into affordable life coaching through Facebook Voice, through email, through telephone or in person in the KW area, let me know

Saturday, September 09, 2017

What is it Time to Shed?

A theme on my mind and heart for the last few months has been "Lord, give me something new." 

I was reminded the Bible says not to put new wine into old wineskins. I was intrigued with the idea that it was time to shed something old. Could it be the "work" I'd been doing for pay? Could it be junk that had collected in my house? Could it be an attitude, a habit, extra weight or sin? Maybe all of the above.

Is it Time to Shed?

When you sense it's time to shed something and you don't know what to shed, say a simple prayer asking God to reveal to you what He wants shed. 

Many of us walk around with baggage. We may feel we've surrendered a lot but, still, invisible baggage weighs us down without us realizing. 

Is Old Baggage Weighing You Down?

The truth is, every day is a new day to start over. Every day we have access to God's grace and forgiveness. He tells us to forgive others as He has forgiven us. But many times, we hold onto bad experiences and at the right time, we rehash them. We relive past horrors. We get angry all over again. We self-sabotage. 

Usually, rehashing negative experiences helps little. The best advice is to rehash the story once with a therapist, and then to forget it. 


I'd sat down to meditate.  I began by writing questions to God in my journal. Doing so is a powerful exercise. Many of the questions I asked recently referred to difficult times in my past.

I opened the Message version of the Bible and read "to be human is to struggle." I was reminded struggle is part of life. No one is immune. 

I flipped over to Exodus--an account of a people group being freed from bondage and I envisioned the concept of God wanting to free me too. I asked him to reveal what I was to shed. 

You can do this too. Listen over the next few days about things you are tempted to rehash, old wounds that resurface, memories you'd long forgotten. Nitpicking you might do. Jot those things down as thoughts and complaints to shed. It's over with. 

Trust in God's healing and justice. 

Ask God how to best give Him the memory or situation. Ask Him to take it from you. Perhaps do an exercise that helps you envision him taking the baggage off your shoulders. 

Get rid of it. And if a friend or relative brings up an old situation, change the topic. Dwelling on old pain will only leave you feeling miserable. It will keep you stuck in an old wineskin. Are you ready to give it all up?


I can't stand to see an animal or even insect suffer. When I check my pool, if I see a beetle struggling to avoid drowning, I will get the net to save it. 

Sometimes bugs will catch a ride on one of the floating foam flowers I have in the pool. The other day, about five beetles had taken up lodging aboard a small pool ball. I scooped it onto the pool deck. I've noticed, at times I've taken the bugs to safety, but they have clung to the net, the flower, or the ball. Sometimes, a bug will jump off the object and jump right back into the pool it was rescued from. 

I can't help but make a connection to how many people do this in life. Jesus offers them freedom, but they choose to cling to the baggage. The Saviour rescues them, and they jump right back into the pool to face drowning all over again! 

Not everyone has the skill for moving forward. Sometimes moving forward makes a person feel vulnerable. They keep old wounds on the forefront of their thinking because they feel doing so helps shield them. But it doesn't. It only makes them crotchety old people stuck in the past. 

Seek the Lord for yourself. See if this concept lines up for you. Ask the Lord to help you shed what doesn't work any longer so you can become all He desires. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Enlarge your Life

I will always remember instructor Katie Brazelton teaching women this concept. I don't recall if it was through coach training or in her Pathway to Purpose book and life coach training material, but nevertheless, this concept stuck:

Take a step, make a low-cost probe. 

Here is a little meme I just created on this theme:

I've decided, for the most part, to not to chase down opportunities, but to let God bring them to me. How he has done this in many cases is to give me an idea.  When the idea sits right, my low-cost probe is to investigate it further. 

One such idea was to make my mother-in-law an encouragement book. With that decision, I was led to a resource called where I've enjoyed making photographic memes like the one you see above. I hope my mother-in-law has found the book I made her helpful. Taking that one step has broadened my world so much!

Another idea I had was prompted by a friend. I was challenged to hold a local women's group with complete strangers. I did it! I learned from it. And from that experience came an opportunity to show my art on the walls of the bakery we'd held our group at. That's still to happen. 

This is how one step leads to another. 

I could go on about how opportunities open up, but I won't take up more space. I want to encourage you to take your silly, boring, grand, pretty, masterful ideas and develop them. Make investigations. Take steps. 

Doing so will enlarge your life. 

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

What to do When You Don't Know What to Do Next

Do you ever reach a point where you have so many options you don't know which to choose to work toward or where you feel paralyzed having nothing new to work on?

I have felt this way many times. A few years ago, I had an "aha moment" where I decided I "wondered" too much. I looked up all types of things on the internet wondering if I should head in a this direction or that. There were many things I could do. I could take a course at community college. I could apply for a new job. I could sign up to volunteer.  Get it?

What held me back was a feeling in my gut that told me I'd grow weary of my new thing quickly. So I decided to catch myself when wondering, searching, striving, or digging and only take steps when they were obviously set out and confirmed by God or when they were "low cost."


I had another "aha moment" while watching a free webinar with Creative Live. The theme was organizing your creative business, but I took the challenges and applied them to life. Ultimately, I used the tools I learned to narrow down my top five passions. I explain the tools in my Kindle book What's Next in Midlife.

When we indulge in too many passions, we can lose focus and become lost. Do you know what your five top passions are? What are the things you know you MUST include in your life to feel balanced and happy? (Clue: I must have outdoor time, I must write.)


Also important is to narrow down your top responsibilities. 

Who are you called by God to serve? Who do you need to be there for? Your spouse, children, inlaw, close friend? 

You are called by God to steward all he has given you. That means you are to tend your home, your car, your wardrobe, your garden, and so on. Tending these are assignments from God just a much as paid work is. 

It is key, if you're to have a sense of fulfillment, that you look at your responsibilities as your job not just something you do on the side grudgingly.  No, you won't get a financial reward for cooking or cleaning, but you will get an eternal reward when you tend to your responsibilities to the best of your ability.  


Always include God in your day. He expects you to learn his ways, to spend time in relationship with him, to consult him, to pray, to serve others and to shine your light in a way that brings him glory. That's a given. Still, many women need to book in time to do cultivate their spiritual life. 


So what's all of this got to do with knowing what to do when you don't know what to do? Let me explain:

Once you know your top passions and responsibilities, you will have a short list of what to do with your time and energy.

Example: My passions are gardening and enjoying the outdoors, creating art, exercising, caring for my home and family, and writing and coaching through my writing. With each passion are umpteen mini-goals. I simply shuffle my time to work on each. Often, I'll post my mini-goals on Post-it notes and hang them on a wall where I can see them and shuffle them around. This helps me choose a day's priority. 

My Post-it Note wall of passions and responsibilities. Easy way to set goals.

I glued my Canva pieces into this book for
my Mother-in-law who is in the hospital.
I always leave room for God to expand my territory. Just recently, I was invited to show my art publicly. I also just finished leading a local group of women on goal setting. God has called me to do good deeds for extended family members. I recently wanted to create a motivational quote book that included quotes and Bible verses atop my digitized artwork. As a result, I began learning how to use Canva

A piece I did with Canva using my own digitized artwork.

I'm at my best when God reveals my next new thing gradually and naturally.


We tire of the same old thing. That's why I suggest you continue to learn and grow in the areas you've already identified. Try a new form of exercise if exercise is important to you. Start a new art blog if art is important to you. Look at Pinterest for new ideas for your home, lawn, and garden. Simply learn, grow, and expand your territory. Experiment. 

Don't grow weary in well-doing, for eventually you shall reap what you sow. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thank You for My Book Sales

Design Your: Midlife Transition Roadmap (Module 1) (Design Your Midlife Transition Roadmap) by [Life Coach, Rose Garde]

I just want to thank all the anonymous people who have purchased one of my Amazon Kindle eBooks. Lately, there has been a flurry of sales and I'm humbled. I don't make much on from them, but seeing them being purchased enriches my soul, confirms my path and gives me hope that maybe someone out there will be helped by even one thing I've written. 

So, if you have purchased one of my books (featured on the sidebar), I am truly grateful. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

My Mission Statement.

I had been craving something new and I think God let me go through this recent health struggle to help me process a number of things. He has gotten me where He needs me to be, for now. 

My something new is to host a new local group. I have ideas for more themes, but I hesitate to jump too far too soon.

Today as I was preparing for a group I'm hosting tomorrow, I found a list in the pile of papers on my desk I sorted through. I had created this during my "sabbatical." I don't remember when I wrote it or what prompted it. I think I did it, perhaps, one day outside sitting on a deck chair in the warm sun when I was contemplating what God might want me to do next. (It's pictured above in the arms of the angel.) 

God also recently connected me with some new training through a great organization called The Wellness Leadership Revolution.  Between what I've recently studied and this list, I thought, "Wow!" I have a statement for my new mission. 

Here is the list:

  1. Put your project into God's hands.
  2. The goal is to help people live more effective lives.
  3. The target is everyday people. 
  4. It is borne out of deep concern for the pain, difficulty, and struggle of human existence. 
  5. You will teach practical applications not as a means toward fame, riches, or power, but as the way to develop faith to overcome defeat and accomplish a worthwhile creative life. 
  6. You will offer tips for practical, personal improvement.
  7. You will build the life you desire with God's help.
  8. You will help others build the life they desire with God's help.
  9. You will help others develop a sense of wellbeing--a pleasure in living.
  10. You will help people become useful and influential. 

What a powerful list. Thoughts? 

Through the training of Andy and Marcus through the Holistic Product Blueprint, I'd recently added this to my website

My Life Coaching Mission:

 To be an authentic skilled guide that helps 
women walk their journey 
experiencing self-empowerment 
that results in life fulfillment while carrying 
out the work they were put on earth to do.

Aka--living effective lives

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Take a Meaningful Pause Break

Continuing from my last post about looking for solutions for life's issues I want to help you pause a little more. 

Most women have "pain points."  A pain point may be described as:

an emotional symptom you are experiencing due to not achieving a goal or having what you really want in life. 

Pain points can be unresolved long-term issues, but can also crop up just when doing life. For instance, I stepped on the scale today after a few days of ignoring it. I was heavier than I imagined and immediately plummeted into self-loathing. I felt pain. Things still need to change if I'm to reach my desired goal of full-body health. 


Another common issue women have is solving their common craving to be seen, heard, and acknowledged and to have connection. The frustration with this craving is that we cannot force others to see us, hear us, or acknowledge us. But we can cultivate connection.  

Some women think they'll find the answers to these cravings in a job. And they may. Jobs can be fulfilling. But jobs can also be band-aid solutions that keep a woman busy so she doesn't have to face her inner turmoil. Empowering herself to change her own life or mindset is a better goal than looking for a band-aid solution.  

By midlife, some women can't get hired. Some are burned out. Some have health issues keeping them from working. Others have outdated skills and can't compete. Some choose early retirement and find it hard to know where they fit. They aren't used to an open schedule. Women of all ages need to become creative about living out their life calling. 

I refer to midlife women having the above-noted cravings, but others do too. When I was an at-home mom I realized I wasn't used to an unscheduled life. I had to learn how to navigate a different sort of schedule if I was to feel happy about my choice to stay home. 

Any old job may pay the bills and keep a woman busy, but a job won't necessarily give a woman the connection or validation she desires. A nagging sense of unfulfillment remains. 


To move forward from pain to prosperity, a woman needs to know who she is and what she wants. As a Christ-follower, it may be more appropriate to say she will need to know how God has wired her, and what He wants her to do in life. Seeking God in the midst of pain is the right thing to do.

Before moving on in her journey, I suggest a woman take time to breathe and ponder. She can review her past and examine her present deciding on where there are voids. 

She can ask God to reveal what He wants her to know. She can fast from computer, TV, or food and spend time outside being with herself. 

She will need to listen for God, listen to her heart, and capture glimmers of clarity when they arrive. 


In this pause phase, I hope a woman will get clear on what new fulfillment she desires.  The picture of fulfillment becomes her new goal. Inside the bigger goal, she can ask what needs to change or happen if she's to get there? What steps does she need to take? Who does she need to take along the journey (if anyone)? What pace does she need to travel at? What results does she seek and are they realistic? What safety gear can she put in place in case of a fallout?

How about doing the above exercise yourself?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Trouble-shooting Tips for a Chaotic Life

I held my FIRST GROUP yesterday. What a lovely group of women joined me. 

As they spoke, they reaffirmed truths I'd already heard from many other women over the years. Many are dealing with normal life issues that to them are magnified. They are in the midst of yet another life transition. They too easily see what's not working and want to fix it. Fear overcomes them.

I'm not saying the following about this group specifically because we only just met. My experience, in general, as I've coached women in the past and interacted with women in the present, is that many go on a hunt to solve life issues. They sense pain and look for solutions to extinguish the pain. They feel something is deeply out of alignment, and they frantically wonder how they'll ever get in realignment. 

Some women have pain they don't want to let go of. They decide to be a victim. They become paralyzed. They want someone else to bail them out. 

Some women become overwhelmed by life changes. They would benefit from therapy or coaching to help them walk through them. 


My quick list of recommendations if you feel as I've described above is this:

  1. Acknowledge your truth. List the facts. Perhaps a husband HAS left. Perhaps one has passed way. Perhaps your child has moved out. Perhaps a sibling has a mental illness. Perhaps you have had to move a parent into a senior's facility. There are real life struggle for us all.
  2. List the associated feelings you have. Are you frustrated, angry, hurt, disappointed, fearful, confused?
  3. Give yourself permission to feel these feelings. Set a timer. Enjoy alone time where you can process the feelings.
  4. Write out your feelings in a journal. List your questions as though you are asking God about them.
  5. Give yourself permission to stop. Quit trying to find quick solutions. Breath. Rest. Relax. Recover.
  6. Implement self-care. Give yourself facials. See a therapist. Exercise. Go on a detox diet. Do something that makes you feel transformed.
  7. Read a few Bible verses daily. Also read from an interesting Christian book. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Stop and listen. Block out other thoughts.
  8. Change your thought habits. When negative thinking creeps up again, turn it off. Tell it you will give it time later--when you set your timer again to process the negative feelings. Pray for Jesus to intervene. 

These are just a few interventions that have rolled off the tip of my fingers. If you find this helpful, let me know by clicking the comment section below. Or email me at 


Sunday, July 09, 2017

God is in the Details

I had another God whisper recently and told friends I would write about it. I'll do that here. 

Writing about my God-whisper is meant to encourage you and bring God glory. 

Yes, you can hear from God this way too! It's amazing when it happens.  Why not ask God to show up for you in a unique way this week. 

The Still Small Voice

The Holy Spirit abides within us. He speaks directly to us. We sometimes think the ideas are our own thoughts speaking to us. Sometimes they are. Other times they are thoughts the Holy Spirit is impressing on us. 

One evening recently, I'd been contemplating where I am--the desire for something new, and the sabbatical I was taking to work on my health. As I finished some research, the Holy Spirit spoke a Bible verse to me, "You can't pour new wine into old wine skins."  

Of course, this was a reference to a parable in the Book of Mark.  I'd learned this verse years ago, so the Holy Spirit was merely reminding me of it--drumming it up from my brain's mental storage area.
The verse was appropriate since I was clearly in a phase of letting some "old" things go to make room for new.

The Guidance 

God is our guide. When we keep a close relationship with him, we remain tuned to hear him. He tells us where to go and where to stop and rest. The next day, I stopped and rested in front of a bookshelf at the Dollar Store, of all places. I'd run in for something else, but found myself pausing at that particular shelf. The voice inside (Holy Spirit) said, "There's something here for you." 

I replied, "Please show me what it is, Lord."

Then, slightly buried, I saw a T.D. Jakes workbook on Instinct. It was priced at $1.25! I had to buy it.

Later that night, I opened the book before bedtime and was astounded at what I read. There it was, clear as anything, a partial quote from Mark 2:22, "And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins."

The Whisper

Now I knew the verse I'd contemplated the previous evening was not just my thoughts--it was God speaking to me. It was his whisper. When he whispers, we need to pay attention!

I know it's time to let go of old and prepare for new. I don't have it all figured out yet--what I'm to let go of--but with being in a new life phase of the mostly empty nest, it's obvious a change is needed in many areas. I can only listen as he spells out the details and my next steps. 


The lessons for you are:
a) Listen to the whispers in your heart. 
b) Go where God prompts you to go.
c) Pause and ponder. 
d) Make connections.
e) Embrace the lessons in the God-whispers.
f) Ask God for clarification and next steps.  
g) Tell others.