Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Thoughts on the DAPO Movement Journal

I mentioned in a previous post that I'd received this book for Christmas (from myself).  Yes, I often put things under the tree for myself from myself.  

When I was handed this one to open, I had actually forgotten about it so it was a fun surprise!

I was immediately impressed with the layout. Before gift giving continued I was already immersed in reading Susan's heartfelt introduction.  

On first glance the lessons seem so simple.  They are truths I know. It's tempting to speed through the book. But rather than do that I've chosen to pause and re-read the chapters repeatedly.  

I've glanced at the first four, and each time I've re-read them I've been challenged.

The First Word of Wisdom (Page 4) 

I'm comforted by the truth that God is in control and I'm intrigued with a couple of sentences Susan has written. 

I'm captivated by the idea that the clarity and peace I seek might be behind a door I didn't think to open. Now my mind is scurrying to think of what door I might not have opened.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

I'm also intrigued by the sentence that says God has the answer to the question I've been asking.  That made me think of how many questions I ask God, myself, my cat, dog, husband, or other person in a day. I realize God wants to help answer all my questions.  

This first chapter asks us to list examples of synchronicity that has defied explanation in our life. I have had many of those moments this year.  

A DAPO Moment from My Summer 

I don't want to share too much about this, but enough to show God's DAPO power.  Here's one of my DAPO moments from this summer:

An extended family member had recently been diagnosed with a mental health issue that was untreated.  For a time this year, she went missing. It's been hard on all of us. Her own children and mother hadn't seen her for three months when her son finally reported her to police as a missing person. 

Lots of prayer was being said over this issue, but we had no idea where she might be.

In July, my daughter made a trip to her old university campus where her boyfriend was living and working over the summer. My daughter lived in another city so the timing of this visit was unique--something only God could have orchestrated.

As she and her boyfriend strolled through the campus corridor, suddenly, right there in front of her stood my missing relative!  My relative didn't recognize my daughter though they said hello.  My daughter's boyfriend had never met this relative so didn't realize who it was but was able to tell us she had been staying in the temporary summer hostel for about two weeks.

My daughter caught the room number and phoned me right away.  I let her son know and he was flabbergasted.  All our family members were so flabberghasted they didn't believe it.  They wondered what the odds were of my daughter being there--a city 50 km from where this person normally lived--at just the right time and place so that she would bump into our relative who'd just been reported missing days earlier?  

It was true, though.  Her son was able to go to this city and talk to her.

The problems with this relative were certainly not resolved then and there.  It's complicated.  But this DAPO moment was enough to reassure us that God was on the case.  

I'm happy to report that just before Christmas, my relative was brought to the hospital and is now undergoing treatment.  God made us wait (more on that in reference to Chapter 2).  But God came through and we continue to trust him with the issue. 

If you are interested in obtaining this book and becoming part of this movement, you can find buying information here.  

Until later.


Monday, December 28, 2015

Making 2016 Goals?

Phil 1:6 NLT "And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, 
will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns."

The end of December and start of January are often a time of reflection for most Christian women.  We evaluate what the last year brought.  We look at what's broken or not working, and we try to set goals to repair damage, replace that which is no longer working, and complete what needs to be completed.

Let's make our 2016 goal list together.  Ask God to guide you.  

1.  Evaluate what the last year brought:  A fun way to remind yourself is to look through your online or Facebook photo albums, or to look through your saved documents. Make note of the things you did that you'd like to do more of.  Thank God for the good and ask him to help you include more in 2016.

2.  Look at what's broken:  You know what those things are you'd like improved. Maybe you are still seeking God's healing for your body.  Maybe there's a relationship that you want God to intervene with.  Maybe your small business seems to not be working.  Give the broken pieces to God and ask for his input.

3.  Look at what you need to complete:  It's easy in the dead of winter to toss aside those unfinished projects or the business or job you've been doing.  But God wants us to complete what he's called us to.  He puts a high price on perseverance.  He wants to help us walk through challenges.  He wants us to stick with what we are doing until he lets us know it's time to move on.  

It's easy to give up just before you achieve your dream.  So please resist making a drastic decision prematurely. Keep on the path.  Stay diligent.  See your goals to completion.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Divine and Perfect Order - A 52 Week Self-Coaching Tool

As we enter a new year, many of us will choose some new habits. Some of us will choose new books to read and new daily devotionals to keep us centered. 

I like to share things I feel might help women.  I like to mention tools God's put in my path.  I like to support fellow coaches and authors. I'm anxious to share a new product today.

I've ordered and am about to begin going through a new book by Susan Day, called, 

Divine And Perfect Order, A Companion Journal 

(click link above for more information)

In it you will find 52 valuable life lessons. Each journal entry includes:
  1. SIMPLE WORDS OF WISDOM: advice for tackling the tough issues
  2. A SIMPLE TRUTH: a Bible verse to inspire you
  3. A SIMPLE TOOL: a question to drive you to action
As I go through it, I hope to make a point to share a bit about it here and in the Facebook group

I looked at my copy today, since I'd placed it under the Christmas tree as a gift to myself.  I was impressed by the layout and I enjoyed Susan's introduction.  It is simple reading, but I feel, as with most self-coaching tools, it will be best to let the questions simmer through a week before moving on.  It's tempting to look ahead, but I will do my best to spread it out over 52 weeks.  It will likely become one of many devotionals I read in a week. 

I'd be happy to join in conversation with you about this new tool book Susan has prepared. Feel free to post comments. 

(Please also let me know if you purchase it, or let Susan know you heard about it from me.)