Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tips for Discerning Thoughts

I'm happy to say I feel I've moved beyond my crisis.  I tell a bit about my journey and discoveries in my recently released book 16 Essential Steps to Help You Walk Through Your Midlife Crisis.

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I warn, in the eBook, that it is for women in crisis because it is more than just a book on the pleasantries and challenges of midlife.  Nevertheless, I welcome you to have a look regardless of where you're at in your life experience.  

One of the themes outlined in the book is developing the skill to distinguish between God's voice and Satan's.  Here is a list I just came across on a friend's Facebook page.  I thought it would be helpful to share with you:


Stills You
Reassures You
Leads You
Enlightens You
Forgives You
Calms You
Encourages You
Comforts You


Rushes You

Frightens You

Pushes You

Confuses You

Condemns You

Stresses You

Discourages You
Worries You

You'll live a better quality life if you can learn to distinguish between these voices. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Stop Evaluating Everything!

I think it's built into us to evaluate and grade not only ourselves at every stop, but those around us.  Through trying to be successful at school and working at jobs where constant improvement is demanded, it's no wonder we think that way.  

But constant evaluation can be very hard on us.  God may not even want us to do all the evaluating we do.  

I suggest you Stop Evaluating


If we're to be content with life, we'll need to consider what "success" or "bearing fruit" means. Is it about job promotion, salary, and achievement? Or is it in doing unseen Kingdom work?

Kingdom work is work that which accomplishes spiritual goals.  To do Kingdom work is to do what God suggests you do, where he sends you to do it. 

Kingdom work may be unpaid.  It may involve cost of time, money, or energy.

Kingdom work may be paid in other ways--riches in heaven, or earthly rewards God brings you through a way other than income.  You may earn greater peace, joy, and fulfillment through completing Kingdom assignments 

Kingdom work involves planting seeds and/or watering them.  It involves using our gifts and abilities to help others and to spread God's message of love. 

It involves watering seeds other people have planted, whether we know it or not. It means nurturing the growth of young plants--being there for those who need guidance.  

Focusing on Kingdom work earns you Kingdom commodity.

Kingdom work is hard to measure.  No one around us may see all the work we do.  We may not have tables and charts to present.  Nevertheless, God knows and we know and that's what matters most. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Are you Having a Midlife Crisis? Here's a New Tool For You

Here's my latest eBook for Christian women in midlife crisis:

This book has been in progress for some time.  If you feel you're stuck in a midlife crisis of sorts, this book may help you move forward in your journey.

It talks about many of the dilemmas midlife women face and provides helpful conclusions and steps to take to work through the struggles.