Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thank You for My Book Sales

Design Your: Midlife Transition Roadmap (Module 1) (Design Your Midlife Transition Roadmap) by [Life Coach, Rose Garde]

I just want to thank all the anonymous people who have purchased one of my Amazon Kindle eBooks. Lately, there has been a flurry of sales and I'm humbled. I don't make much on from them, but seeing them being purchased enriches my soul, confirms my path and gives me hope that maybe someone out there will be helped by even one thing I've written. 

So, if you have purchased one of my books (featured on the sidebar), I am truly grateful. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

My Mission Statement.

I had been craving something new and I think God let me go through this recent health struggle to help me process a number of things. He has gotten me where He needs me to be, for now. 

My something new is to host a new local group. I have ideas for more themes, but I hesitate to jump too far too soon.

Today as I was preparing for a group I'm hosting tomorrow, I found a list in the pile of papers on my desk I sorted through. I had created this during my "sabbatical." I don't remember when I wrote it or what prompted it. I think I did it, perhaps, one day outside sitting on a deck chair in the warm sun when I was contemplating what God might want me to do next. (It's pictured above in the arms of the angel.) 

God also recently connected me with some new training through a great organization called The Wellness Leadership Revolution.  Between what I've recently studied and this list, I thought, "Wow!" I have a statement for my new mission. 

Here is the list:

  1. Put your project into God's hands.
  2. The goal is to help people live more effective lives.
  3. The target is everyday people. 
  4. It is borne out of deep concern for the pain, difficulty, and struggle of human existence. 
  5. You will teach practical applications not as a means toward fame, riches, or power, but as the way to develop faith to overcome defeat and accomplish a worthwhile creative life. 
  6. You will offer tips for practical, personal improvement.
  7. You will build the life you desire with God's help.
  8. You will help others build the life they desire with God's help.
  9. You will help others develop a sense of wellbeing--a pleasure in living.
  10. You will help people become useful and influential. 

What a powerful list. Thoughts? 

Through the training of Andy and Marcus through the Holistic Product Blueprint, I'd recently added this to my website

My Life Coaching Mission:

 To be an authentic skilled guide that helps 
women walk their journey 
experiencing self-empowerment 
that results in life fulfillment while carrying 
out the work they were put on earth to do.

Aka--living effective lives

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Take a Meaningful Pause Break

Continuing from my last post about looking for solutions for life's issues I want to help you pause a little more. 

Most women have "pain points."  A pain point may be described as:

an emotional symptom you are experiencing due to not achieving a goal or having what you really want in life. 

Pain points can be unresolved long-term issues, but can also crop up just when doing life. For instance, I stepped on the scale today after a few days of ignoring it. I was heavier than I imagined and immediately plummeted into self-loathing. I felt pain. Things still need to change if I'm to reach my desired goal of full-body health. 


Another common issue women have is solving their common craving to be seen, heard, and acknowledged and to have connection. The frustration with this craving is that we cannot force others to see us, hear us, or acknowledge us. But we can cultivate connection.  

Some women think they'll find the answers to these cravings in a job. And they may. Jobs can be fulfilling. But jobs can also be band-aid solutions that keep a woman busy so she doesn't have to face her inner turmoil. Empowering herself to change her own life or mindset is a better goal than looking for a band-aid solution.  

By midlife, some women can't get hired. Some are burned out. Some have health issues keeping them from working. Others have outdated skills and can't compete. Some choose early retirement and find it hard to know where they fit. They aren't used to an open schedule. Women of all ages need to become creative about living out their life calling. 

I refer to midlife women having the above-noted cravings, but others do too. When I was an at-home mom I realized I wasn't used to an unscheduled life. I had to learn how to navigate a different sort of schedule if I was to feel happy about my choice to stay home. 

Any old job may pay the bills and keep a woman busy, but a job won't necessarily give a woman the connection or validation she desires. A nagging sense of unfulfillment remains. 


To move forward from pain to prosperity, a woman needs to know who she is and what she wants. As a Christ-follower, it may be more appropriate to say she will need to know how God has wired her, and what He wants her to do in life. Seeking God in the midst of pain is the right thing to do.

Before moving on in her journey, I suggest a woman take time to breathe and ponder. She can review her past and examine her present deciding on where there are voids. 

She can ask God to reveal what He wants her to know. She can fast from computer, TV, or food and spend time outside being with herself. 

She will need to listen for God, listen to her heart, and capture glimmers of clarity when they arrive. 


In this pause phase, I hope a woman will get clear on what new fulfillment she desires.  The picture of fulfillment becomes her new goal. Inside the bigger goal, she can ask what needs to change or happen if she's to get there? What steps does she need to take? Who does she need to take along the journey (if anyone)? What pace does she need to travel at? What results does she seek and are they realistic? What safety gear can she put in place in case of a fallout?

How about doing the above exercise yourself?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Trouble-shooting Tips for a Chaotic Life

I held my FIRST GROUP yesterday. What a lovely group of women joined me. 

As they spoke, they reaffirmed truths I'd already heard from many other women over the years. Many are dealing with normal life issues that to them are magnified. They are in the midst of yet another life transition. They too easily see what's not working and want to fix it. Fear overcomes them.

I'm not saying the following about this group specifically because we only just met. My experience, in general, as I've coached women in the past and interacted with women in the present, is that many go on a hunt to solve life issues. They sense pain and look for solutions to extinguish the pain. They feel something is deeply out of alignment, and they frantically wonder how they'll ever get in realignment. 

Some women have pain they don't want to let go of. They decide to be a victim. They become paralyzed. They want someone else to bail them out. 

Some women become overwhelmed by life changes. They would benefit from therapy or coaching to help them walk through them. 


My quick list of recommendations if you feel as I've described above is this:

  1. Acknowledge your truth. List the facts. Perhaps a husband HAS left. Perhaps one has passed way. Perhaps your child has moved out. Perhaps a sibling has a mental illness. Perhaps you have had to move a parent into a senior's facility. There are real life struggle for us all.
  2. List the associated feelings you have. Are you frustrated, angry, hurt, disappointed, fearful, confused?
  3. Give yourself permission to feel these feelings. Set a timer. Enjoy alone time where you can process the feelings.
  4. Write out your feelings in a journal. List your questions as though you are asking God about them.
  5. Give yourself permission to stop. Quit trying to find quick solutions. Breath. Rest. Relax. Recover.
  6. Implement self-care. Give yourself facials. See a therapist. Exercise. Go on a detox diet. Do something that makes you feel transformed.
  7. Read a few Bible verses daily. Also read from an interesting Christian book. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Stop and listen. Block out other thoughts.
  8. Change your thought habits. When negative thinking creeps up again, turn it off. Tell it you will give it time later--when you set your timer again to process the negative feelings. Pray for Jesus to intervene. 

These are just a few interventions that have rolled off the tip of my fingers. If you find this helpful, let me know by clicking the comment section below. Or email me at 


Sunday, July 09, 2017

God is in the Details

I had another God whisper recently and told friends I would write about it. I'll do that here. 

Writing about my God-whisper is meant to encourage you and bring God glory. 

Yes, you can hear from God this way too! It's amazing when it happens.  Why not ask God to show up for you in a unique way this week. 

The Still Small Voice

The Holy Spirit abides within us. He speaks directly to us. We sometimes think the ideas are our own thoughts speaking to us. Sometimes they are. Other times they are thoughts the Holy Spirit is impressing on us. 

One evening recently, I'd been contemplating where I am--the desire for something new, and the sabbatical I was taking to work on my health. As I finished some research, the Holy Spirit spoke a Bible verse to me, "You can't pour new wine into old wine skins."  

Of course, this was a reference to a parable in the Book of Mark.  I'd learned this verse years ago, so the Holy Spirit was merely reminding me of it--drumming it up from my brain's mental storage area.
The verse was appropriate since I was clearly in a phase of letting some "old" things go to make room for new.

The Guidance 

God is our guide. When we keep a close relationship with him, we remain tuned to hear him. He tells us where to go and where to stop and rest. The next day, I stopped and rested in front of a bookshelf at the Dollar Store, of all places. I'd run in for something else, but found myself pausing at that particular shelf. The voice inside (Holy Spirit) said, "There's something here for you." 

I replied, "Please show me what it is, Lord."

Then, slightly buried, I saw a T.D. Jakes workbook on Instinct. It was priced at $1.25! I had to buy it.

Later that night, I opened the book before bedtime and was astounded at what I read. There it was, clear as anything, a partial quote from Mark 2:22, "And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins."

The Whisper

Now I knew the verse I'd contemplated the previous evening was not just my thoughts--it was God speaking to me. It was his whisper. When he whispers, we need to pay attention!

I know it's time to let go of old and prepare for new. I don't have it all figured out yet--what I'm to let go of--but with being in a new life phase of the mostly empty nest, it's obvious a change is needed in many areas. I can only listen as he spells out the details and my next steps. 


The lessons for you are:
a) Listen to the whispers in your heart. 
b) Go where God prompts you to go.
c) Pause and ponder. 
d) Make connections.
e) Embrace the lessons in the God-whispers.
f) Ask God for clarification and next steps.  
g) Tell others. 

Monday, July 03, 2017

Be Willing to be Perfectly Imperfect

I was just reviewing one of my Facebook pages. You're welcome to join it. It's called Self-Coaching Tools for Christian Women.  It has snippets of prompts and is a place I can advertise my latest eBooks. 

Creating this page was a whim and risk. I'm shy by nature. I work from home selling web content and eBooks and often don't interact with my clients or readers. I've never been into business to be seen or for big money. 

As I was reviewing my Facebook page, I realized one of my eBooks got a rating on Goodreads. It was 3-stars and I'm thankful. But the reality of seeing stars made the idea sink in that I could be rated. The possibility of being rated or judged is something I have to buck up and face. I can't let it derails me from my mission.

Creating my eBooks has been a labor of love--my Christian ministry. It's risky posting so many things on the Internet. I'm shy. I'm sometimes fearful. But I'm willing to be perfectly imperfect. I have to be bold and take steps if I'm to feel my life is to amount to anything in its second-half. 

What's this Got to do with You?

If you're to move forward in midlife carving out new passions, you're going to have to take risks too. 

I took risks posting my art online. My dear friend Diane Cunningham-Ellis started posting her Heart Art on Facebook which prompted me to do likewise. I'd gotten back into creating art about the same time she started. I thought, "If she can post her work, so can I."

Doing so helped me realize how fun it is to share my passion for creating art. Sharing it is far better than creating pieces and leaving them sitting in the basement. 

Tip for You:  Share your passions!

Then, I learned I could create a page to sell my art as prints on Fine Art America. Again, it's more about sharing my passions than it is about making big bucks. Creating my page was so fun. I can post from it directly onto Twitter or Facebook. 

Through all of this I learned how many ways my art can be used digitally too. It can be turned into grocery bags, t-shirts, and even a duvet or shower curtain if someone wanted that type of thing. 

I've recently used my art to create a number of memes for Facebook and Twitter with the online program Canva.  

There are many, many people who are Internet-shy. I know all the reasons and many are justified. To me, the joy of being on the Internet is greater than my fear. I'm willing to be perfectly imperfect. It's all out here, flaws and all. 

How about you? What's holding you back?