Tuesday, June 28, 2016

eBook for Midlife Christian Women - Don't Wilt!

I'm so relieved and yet excited that my newest eBook for midlife Christian women is finally on Kindle. I love the cover, do you?  (see photo to the right.)

I gasp when I realize how much work I put in over the year for a book Kindle suggests I sell at the $5 mark. And then, I only get a percentage for myself. If you ask me, no one has a right to complain about the content of something that cost them what they might spend in a dollar store.

Writing is something I do because I'm compelled to do it, not because it pays a lot.  It's something God has called me to do. I work with him. We collaborate.

I always have a message inside that needs to get out. My compassion for women walking through similar trials drives me to put my writing into a manner designed to be helpful. I want at least one point to make a woman say, "That point gives me peace."

What the Book's About

The idea for this book struck me when standing in my garden one summer, overcome with emotion. I was at a point of weakness, feeling God hadn't given me the answers I was looking for. Alas, I was wilting. (Wilting is what happens first before a plant dies, by the way.)

This book talks about God's answer to me that day. I had to go on a journey to decrypt the message. That's one reason the book took so long to write. Decryption was a long process.

That being said, here is a sneak peak at some of the prescriptions I've discovered may help a woman prevent wilting or recover from it:

~ A prescription for wilting is being content. ~

~ A prescription for preparing to bloom is reviewing where God has you planted. ~

~ A prescription to prevent wilting is stepping out and trying adventures on your own. ~

~ A prescription for growing strong roots and buds is nourishing your mind, spirit, and body. ~

Monday, June 27, 2016

New Book Ready for Midlife Nest-Emptying Women

Well, the moment of truth has arrived.  This new eBook has taken me almost a year to complete, and today I sent it into Kindle for review and upload. You'll find it here.

Over the months, the words built and were chopped only to be built and chopped again. I wanted it to contain a concise message. I hope many find it helpful.

If you pick it up an note any errors or omissions, please let me know politely. I am up to my eyeballs in re-reading it, but last minute cuts may have caused small issues I'd like to fix. I can go back into the document on Kindle and make slight changes, if needed.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy the raw story this book paints, that you will ask yourself the lists of questions, and that you will embrace the tips offered.

Thanks for being part of my journey.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Various Types of Coaching for Christian Women

I started my life coaching career with training as a Life Purpose Coach®. It uses a curriculum that guides women through assessments of various life areas. The goal is to help a woman define her calling, mission, purpose, and so on.

I found while coaching women through this process that other issues rose to the surface. That's fine because life coaching is about the full context of a woman's life.

Revolving Needs

(Some details changed to protect identities.) One woman I coached was in the empty nest looking for purpose as a former stay-at-home mom. Another had lost her job and was looking for support wading through that transition. Another was chronically depressed, seeing a counselor, but wanted more support. Another was so tied up helping in her husband's business that she felt frayed in her personal life. Yet another just wanted to fill the emotional void that haunted her.

Most wanted concrete answers--a sense of direction. The curriculum pointed each in several directions. Still, I know very well, there were unanswered questions.

How God Works

I'm pretty sure the journey through life coaching can feel fruitless for some because they expect by the end to have a great epiphany and know what to do next. I've decided it's imperative they know that God rarely points out big specific plans. His plan is that women draw near to him on a daily basis and proceed one small step at a time. These steps can be so small it seems as though nothing is happening.

I'm pretty convinced to succeed in life and to feel a life coaching process has worked for you, you'll need to see it as a step in your life journey--not a destination that answers all your questions through a few sessions.

It's important we learn to separate feelings from solutions. As with many things in life, it's not that we want a destination as much as we want to feel happy. When we go to the dentist it isn't because we want a filling, it's because we don't want to have tooth pain. When someone climbs a hydro tower and threatens to jump off it isn't because they want to die, it is because they don't want to feel depressed.

Often, we go hunting for a solution to fix how we're feeling. We look for a new job. We take a vacation. We assume if we just do this or that, that we'll be happy. It's not about the destination, though, it's about what we think the destination will do for us.

Of course, new destinations can snap us out of doldrums. A new job may be wonderful. A visit to the mall might get our eyes off our problem. A key to solving our pain is presenting our feelings to God and allowing him to meet our needs in whatever creative ways he chooses. 

I'm trying to say, quit trying to think so hard about what destination is alluding you. Quit applying for multiple jobs. Quit spending money on things you believe may fill your void.

If God thinks a new job is the answer, surely he'll open that door. But if he thinks a slower pace of life is what you need, he may keep the job door shut. But he won't leave you there.  He will change your circumstances, providing for your needs, and he will lift you up to greater fulfillment at the same time. It's inexplicable.

New Focus

I had been looking for purpose myself when God connected me with Katie Brazelton, the founder of the training I took. I was giddy with glee finding my thing--my new destination. But that wasn't the end of the story. I found too many uneventful days existed between clients. I felt unsupported as an entrepreneur. I was again at a point of screaming inside again for greater life purpose.

As I worked with one or two remaining clients, I branched out. I did some home staging for a realtor. I got hired to write web content from home. Then I got hired to do audio transcription from home. When my children graduated high school, I reassessed yet again. I backed away from telephone coaching, but I couldn't abandon it completely.

I'd been in peri-menopause, and with the addition of the empty nest highs and lows, discovered what some of the women I'd coached had expressed. I realized many of their issues were menopause, midlife, empty-nest, and family- circumstance related.

I had a big revelation that tools were needed for midlife Christian women. I decided a new angle needed to be introduced to the life purpose theme in life coaching sessions.

My eBooks and Coaching Practice 

I've now written several eBooks available on Amazon under the name Rose Garde. I'm about to release a new one any day now.

I'm pondering being available to help women walk through any of these eBooks with me over coaching sessions on the telephone. I am always still available for coaching by email. Pray with me as I consider my next step in this regard.