Thursday, September 05, 2019

:Listening for God

I listen to the Today's Show Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life broadcast almost each night. I find her talks highly relevant. They seem to always apply to something I'm struggling with. They often emphasize something the Holy Spirit has already nudged me about--like last night's watching what I say (my words) more. 

One night she said something profound I knew was for me: That she doesn't sit around trying to hear from God because she trusts that when or if God has something new to say to her, He'll make sure she hears it. In the meantime, she carries on with what He's already assigned. 

This was important for me to hear because I've been prone to spend time listening for God so hard it hurts my ears. I have often walked away from such sessions having learned nothing new. 

So Joyce suggests keeping busy with what we've been assigned and not wasting time worrying about hearing something new and specific from God. He will let us know the new thing at the right time.