Saturday, May 04, 2019

Do You Believe God Puts Thoughts in your Mind?

Most Christian women I know pray and try to hear God's voice. But I wonder how often they really trust the thoughts that come to their mind as being from God? 

Do they trust their gut, their insight, their hesitation, or their motivation to act?

These are ways God speaks. 

Recently, I was sitting at my computer working on a writing project when a specific person came to mind. 

Researching that person on the Internet, I discovered she'd passed away four years ago! In that instance, I could only believe God put her on my mind so I'd pray for her family. I felt troubled all day about it. 

Another person came to mind. I wondered if she'd unfriended me from Facebook, so checked. Sure enough, she had. Obviously, I'd offended her. 

I felt awful and could write more about that here,  but that's not the point. The point is the thought that came to my mind was correct.

Yes, I know the enemy can put thoughts into our mind too which is why we need to pray he doesn't. And, we can be guilty of letting our lips fly loose (through our fingertips) and get ourselves into trouble. We need to constantly be aware of the power of our written words. 

These two instances have reminded me more, though, of the Power of God. This is how he speaks to us and how he uses us--he puts ideas into our minds. 

We don't always know what we're to do with the thought. The unfriending one bothered me for many hours. But all these thoughts serve as life lessons. Maybe character is to be checked. Maybe a reminder to check up on friends still alive lest they pass away too soon. Maybe a call to action. 

I sometimes say I trust God but not myself. I think these examples are helping me trust myself a little more.