Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Quick Self-Coaching Tip

You know what the problems are in your life. You suspect some action can be taken. You know of some resources. You put off signing up. You put off that exercise, that appointment, or that educational opportunity. 

You wait for the right time, having the right money in place, and you try to work things out for yourself frugally. 

But you become anxious. Things aren't getting better. 

The answer is to ask questions. Ask that counselor, coach or naturopath a question on her Facebook page, talk to a friend, investigate options. 

Most of all, consult God. Remember, even when you don't feel it, Isaiah 58:11 says, The LORD will always lead you.

So when you discover a possibility, make a decision. Then take action. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My Life Coaching Process

I've just started back offering in-person or telephone life coaching sessions at reduced rates. 

I know there are many women in crisis, transition, and so on who just can't justify paying $75 or more. I want to use my skills to help those women, but I can't help everyone. So a select few who sign up at $37.50 a session will get a spot. This will be a 50% fee reduction and the other 50% will be my ministry to you. 


It can be hard to work with women who have multiple issues. I remind myself it's not up to me to solve their problems. The client has to do the work herself!

I like to help women see there are often layers to work through. I like to help her separate them. One woman may benefit from talking them over. In doing so, her mind sifts and prioritizes them without her even realizing it. 

Another woman may benefit from listing troublesome issues on paper so she has a visual to refer to. Post-it notes can be helpful as they can be moved around. 

Sometimes just sorting the issues gives a woman the feeling she can handle whatever she's dealing with because she sees it is multi-faceted. In life she's already had to prioritize, so her natural instincts will kick in to tackle today's issues that are standing in her way of being all God has created her to be.  


Some women know what they want a coach for. I once used a life coaching service to deal with emotions over a shift in my husband's work that required we move across the country. The purpose for the session was firm in my mind. I needed someone safe and confidential to vent to. 

This is different from venting to a friend. With a signed contract by a life coach, your coach HAS to keep what you share confidentially. 

Other women may have so many things they're dealing will it might like a mess of cobwebs or a forest thicket. This woman needs an expert life coach to guide her through the maze and out to safety. 


I'm always interested in pointing a woman to help herself first. Once she identifies the issues she wants to work on, rather than wishfully thinking them away, she can work through them methodically. 

I want my client to work through her issues with self-protection. For instance, when you join a fitness program, at first if you go too hard, you may injure yourself. You may get discouraged and fall back. Muscles take time to strengthen. It will take time to burn fat. Cardio will get easier in time. Methodical steps surrounded by self-care is important in any endeavour.

Some women worry about family members, a spouse who's left them, an ailing parent, etc. They need money, a job, health, and so on. But how can she work on her issues or give her best to anyone else if she is out of balance? She owes it to herself to look after herself and to get into alignment. 

Most women need to set boundaries. They may need to delaying some activities (like me and sprinting) in favor of taking slower steps. They may need to get rid of garbage like guilt, shame, pride, negativity, a desire for revenge, or fear before she can start to feel normal and move forward. 

Depending on your need, a life coach can help direct you. If you'd like to look into affordable life coaching through Facebook Voice, through email, through telephone or in person in the KW area, let me know

Saturday, September 09, 2017

What is it Time to Shed?

A theme on my mind and heart for the last few months has been "Lord, give me something new." 

I was reminded the Bible says not to put new wine into old wineskins. I was intrigued with the idea that it was time to shed something old. Could it be the "work" I'd been doing for pay? Could it be junk that had collected in my house? Could it be an attitude, a habit, extra weight or sin? Maybe all of the above.

Is it Time to Shed?

When you sense it's time to shed something and you don't know what to shed, say a simple prayer asking God to reveal to you what He wants shed. 

Many of us walk around with baggage. We may feel we've surrendered a lot but, still, invisible baggage weighs us down without us realizing. 

Is Old Baggage Weighing You Down?

The truth is, every day is a new day to start over. Every day we have access to God's grace and forgiveness. He tells us to forgive others as He has forgiven us. But many times, we hold onto bad experiences and at the right time, we rehash them. We relive past horrors. We get angry all over again. We self-sabotage. 

Usually, rehashing negative experiences helps little. The best advice is to rehash the story once with a therapist, and then to forget it. 


I'd sat down to meditate.  I began by writing questions to God in my journal. Doing so is a powerful exercise. Many of the questions I asked recently referred to difficult times in my past.

I opened the Message version of the Bible and read "to be human is to struggle." I was reminded struggle is part of life. No one is immune. 

I flipped over to Exodus--an account of a people group being freed from bondage and I envisioned the concept of God wanting to free me too. I asked him to reveal what I was to shed. 

You can do this too. Listen over the next few days about things you are tempted to rehash, old wounds that resurface, memories you'd long forgotten. Nitpicking you might do. Jot those things down as thoughts and complaints to shed. It's over with. 

Trust in God's healing and justice. 

Ask God how to best give Him the memory or situation. Ask Him to take it from you. Perhaps do an exercise that helps you envision him taking the baggage off your shoulders. 

Get rid of it. And if a friend or relative brings up an old situation, change the topic. Dwelling on old pain will only leave you feeling miserable. It will keep you stuck in an old wineskin. Are you ready to give it all up?


I can't stand to see an animal or even insect suffer. When I check my pool, if I see a beetle struggling to avoid drowning, I will get the net to save it. 

Sometimes bugs will catch a ride on one of the floating foam flowers I have in the pool. The other day, about five beetles had taken up lodging aboard a small pool ball. I scooped it onto the pool deck. I've noticed, at times I've taken the bugs to safety, but they have clung to the net, the flower, or the ball. Sometimes, a bug will jump off the object and jump right back into the pool it was rescued from. 

I can't help but make a connection to how many people do this in life. Jesus offers them freedom, but they choose to cling to the baggage. The Saviour rescues them, and they jump right back into the pool to face drowning all over again! 

Not everyone has the skill for moving forward. Sometimes moving forward makes a person feel vulnerable. They keep old wounds on the forefront of their thinking because they feel doing so helps shield them. But it doesn't. It only makes them crotchety old people stuck in the past. 

Seek the Lord for yourself. See if this concept lines up for you. Ask the Lord to help you shed what doesn't work any longer so you can become all He desires.