Monday, November 09, 2015

Could it be Hormones Making You Feel this Way?

Beware of Perimenopause and Menopause

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The phase just before menopause is referred to as perimenopause. Just as puberty brings an onset of changes to a woman's body over a period of three to five years, perimenopause brings on changes too. You might say it is a reversed puberty.  It can last anywhere from ten to fifteen years.

Perimenopause symptoms can affect a woman anytime between age 35 and 55. The average age for menopause is reported to be 51, but recently I saw it reported as 54. Of course, many women reach menopause sooner. 

Menopause is reached when one full year without menstruation is complete. 


The symptoms of peri-menopause may be sporadic and may include night sweats, hot flashes, crashing fatigue, irritability, moods swings, crying spells, depression, weight gain, headaches, brain fog and trouble with memory or concentration.

It's easy to see that any woman dealing with symptoms of this nature over a period of years may feel frustrated. Symptoms like these can put dent into a woman's quality of life.

I won't pretend to have a cure or remedy for perimenopause, I merely want to emphasize that if you aren't quite feeling like "yourself" lately, if you are having emotional, spiritual, mental as well as physical challenges, that the root cause might be related to your hormones not your circumstances. 

That is, what you're feeling may NOT be caused by your husband, job, kids, lack of money, or church, though they may bear the brunt of how you're feeling or make things more problematic.


So what's my point? The point is, when feeling out of sorts, be aware your hormones may be the culprit.  Don't make radical changes without taking this point into consideration.  

  • Choose, instead, to manage your perimenopause phase by being informed and armed with coping strategies.
  • Read books or articles to educate yourself. To learn about perimenopause, you may need to read a book on menopause.
  • Talk to other women and find out what has helped them. Talk to professionals.
  • Get rest and exercise. Sleep with a few ice packs under your pillow, if necessary, to gain relief from night sweats.  Talk to your doctor about hormone therapy options when/if you can no longer stand the sweating.
  • Take action and find out the right combination of supplements and activities right for you.  

Be ready for what symptoms will carry on through menopause.


Go to the All-Knowing source--God for his answers to your dilemmas.  

Have you ever wondered why no one has the perfect cure for anything from the common cold to weight loss?  That's because they cannot out-smart God.  

No one is going to give you the perfect cure for perimenopausal symptoms.  God knows what he wants for you.  He may want you to go through some things so that later you can help others.  He may allow some struggle so you will draw closer to him.  

God knows how you feel, and he knows what will help.  Ask Him for His special recipe for you!


In every challenge, it is always helpful to focus on what is working.  Ask yourself what is going well.  Look at how you've been blessed.  Be confident that you will come through this phase as best as possible.

Faith, hope, and Love will carry you.