Friday, February 28, 2014

What is Life Coaching?

I've been busy with a few projects and haven't updated this lately.  Let me write a quick blog that might meet the purpose for someone who is about to visit.

If you've heard of life coaching, or thought of hiring one, let me explain a bit.

Life coaching is helpful for anyone who would like help walking through an issue--especially one they need or want to keep confidential--helpful for someone needing to make decisions, or find direction.  The coaching process is designed to help bring you clarity for your issue.

There are a few coaches around who like to teach or advise you.  You must be certain that's what you want and clarify your coach's style upfront so you're both clear.  True coaching doesn't teach or advise.  That is consulting. Some, however, offer curriculum to help you through a coaching process.  You can decide if that's a worthwhile choice for you.

A coach will ask you questions and hear your viewpoints.  Through your conversation you will make decisions for yourself.

I know that sounds odd.  I know when I went to a life coach I thought, "That's why I'm going to her because I don't know what I want."  Sometimes it takes time--even years to figure out the answers.

Don't expect a life coach to transform your life, or be angry when after a session you feel the same as before.  Transformation comes from you.  Only you can decide what you'll try, what next steps to take, what you'll say no to, and so on.