Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How Do You Trust Your Life Path?

A leader on a conference call I was also on told another member, “You need to trust yourself.”  This was in the context of trusting your life path.

The other asked, “How do I do that?”

My mind immediately started to scan for an answer.    I didn't have the floor to speak, but after pondering it, this is my answer:

1.  First, you need to trust that God is working in you.  In order to trust God you need to know more about him—his character traits, how he operates, how he speaks, his names, etc. 

A few years ago a young lady in one of my groups wanted to know where to start and I led her to read “Experiencing God”.  I didn’t know if she would do it so I directed her to at least read the section that lists the character attributes of God.

2.  Once you know God enough to trust him, you will need to make sure you have a clear path to hearing from him.  He has rules on what your part is on opening the path to him.  That means clearing out sin, taking time to pray, taking time to listen.

3.  When you hear from God, you need to take it seriously.  He will give you a verse, a story that speaks to you, a sign of some sort…etc.  When you hear these confirmations, you have guidance and it is in that guidance you put your trust.  You proceed on the path that's been outlined with confidence.   

The Bible says not to be double-minded.  That means not second-guessing what you’ve heard.  That is about trusting the message received…trusting yourself.

Stay on the path and do what it is you do until God closes down the path and opens a new one.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Please Don't Become Crushed and Miserable

Life is full of challenges but we are all responsible to choose either to nurse our pain, or to block the negative messages and strongholds threatening to devour us.   

At every point of trial, a person is vulnerable to becoming crushed and miserable, or becoming stronger while developing wisdom and character. 

I use the words vulnerable to becoming crushed instead of being crushed because becoming crushed is a process that you either allow to happen to you or not, i.e. bit by bit you might go downhill if you let what is exerting pressure get you.  Being crushed, on the other hand, is what is happening on the outside to you.


ONE:  A girl is abused by a family member who later abandons the family.  The effects of the travesty threaten to crush her.  She can give in and choose to let it do her in and live a crushed and miserable life the rest of her days blaming everything on that event.  

On the other hand, she has freedom to step in and not become crushed.  

TWO:  A girl marries a man who she later learns has no concept of commitment.  He starts acting weird and moves out abandoning the marriage.  A while later she takes him back, but not too long after, he leaves again.  This goes on and on, and with every blow of crushing power his choices exert, while she is being crushed by him, she is at risk of becoming a totally crushed woman.   

But if she's too smart to become crushed; wisdom will help her step out of the cycle to the point the crusher has no more power.  

When she breaks the cycle, the crusher might be left dumbfounded.   

Now, those memories, thoughts, sad feelings, might resurface.  Satan often reminds a person of past hurts.  But a human who has not set personal boundaries might remind herself.  There are actually some women that enjoy self-pity because of the biochemical feelings in their brain it arouses.  They become used to feeling that way.  They no no other way.  It is their default.


If anything like this sounds like your predicament, you actually might have a stronghold that pulls you back in.  God can break your stronghold.  He can send ministering angels.  But you can also break the stronghold.  How?

  • Recognize it.
  • Denounce it.
  • Don't give it one ounce of your energy.
  • Don't let the crushing process begin.