Sunday, February 17, 2013

Conquer Challenges with Positive Thinking

Women are often moody, over-stressed, prone to tiredness, hurt feelings, and so on. We have a lot on our plates to juggle.  We are often busy trying to make sure everyone around us is happy.  We are trying to earn a living, keep a home, and stay socially active.  It can be difficult, at times, to feel joyful.  


It is important all women to put on  spiritual armor.   It is important to employ tactics to stay spiritually strong.  Pray.  Read your Bible.  

Especially important, is to employ awareness to negative voices and to have tactics to challenge them.   

The enemy (Satan) can be very convincing.  He'll get a woman to say things like, "I feel like a nobody, I feel unappreciated..." that type of thing.  Just because the sentence started with "I" it seems convincing, but it doesn't mean it's true.  

How you think will affect how you feel, and will affect the things you do next.  Be vigilant about not listening to negative voices.  Stop them immediately!

Here are a few resources you might want to include in your life:

Read positive-thinking books.  Read a relevant version of a Bible.  Read Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, or John Maxwell books, or listen to their audios or videos. Read devotionals.  Find what works to fortify you.

Here are a few more practical steps you can take in navigating your thoughts and feelings:

  • Express them in a journal.  
  • Pray them.
  • Take time to be still.
  • Picture happy scenes.
  • Tell a friend how you're feeling.
  • Hire a life coach or sign on for counseling.
I would now like to introduce you to a few helpful exercises in the posts ahead.  Here is Exercise 1.

Tap Into Your Right Brain

Now, here is something I'd like you to do next.  This exercise will tap into your creative right brain.  

Some people are more right brained than others.  Nevertheless, it can help every person to tap into their right brain.  Think about how we all love music.  Music taps into the right brain.  So does art, beauty and physical movement.

It might be said the right brain fuels the left brain--the thinking side.  YES!  We do want to fuel that thinking side.  We want good, healthy fuel.


Make a Positive-Thinking Vision Board 

  • Gather magazines, scissors, a glue stick and poster paper or card stock.
  • Flip through your positive thinking books and write helpful quotes from them on your card stock or poster paper.
  • If you have Joyce Meyer magazines, you'll find great quotes in there to cut out.   
  • Use colourful markers for your writing.
  • Decorate around your quotes with colour.
  • Write out Bible verses.
  • Add magazine pictures that make you feel alive, hopeful, and cheerful. 
  • Tap into romance and beauty by choosing pictures that evoke those ideas.

Cut, glue, write, and decorate your vision board.  View it.  Share it with someone.  Hang it where you can see it often. 


If you do this, I'd love to hear how it went.   For $33 you will receive a 45 min. phone call coaching session (no long distance charge).  I will hear what you've put on your vision board.  You can even send me a photo.  Talking about it will help reinforce it.  Contact me at this email address to set up an appointment.