Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Seek God and all Will be Added

I love listening to Joice Meyer, do you? I often watch her show before I go to sleep. 

On the show I watched last night, she offered advice that I found very freeing. It went something like this:

Don't go out seeking, 
seek God and all will be added to you. 

She went on to say, present your requests to God--tell him the desires of your heart, then leave them with him to work on.

This was freeing to me because in this fast-paced world, I often feel I'm not doing enough. I'm not helping enough people, interacting enough, bringing in enough paid work, not earning enough, and so on. In an era of constant self-improvement, I'm often looking for what to improve on, never quite arriving. 

The words "don't go around seeking" are what brought me peace. Women in my network often go around seeking for the next new thing to get involved in. I often go about searching through online job boards because I feel discontent. Going about "seeking" becomes a life of striving. 

I'm going to let this advice simmer and seek God and contentment more this week. How about you?

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Re-thinking Ministries for Women

Churches are leaving huge gaps in serving the people God has put under their care. 

All through life women are trained to pursue higher education, to apply themselves, to take on leadership roles, and to live a life of purpose. 

In the church, women are too often left to bring the cookies, man the coffee table, teach Sunday School and sit quietly in their seats. 

But a pulse of every God-created woman's heart is to live a life of purpose. For some, for a time, that purpose relates directly to being a mom. Some are career women who rely on child care, others are at-home moms. But BOTH moms are working moms. Both are challenged from every direction. Both want to be known by their own name, not as so-and-so's mom. All women have a need for significant purpose. 

I'm drawing on my memory and experience in search of ideas for what I found helpful at various phases and what I wish would have been in place. Perhaps your church or women's ministry can adopt some:

1. Certificate courses. Most women like ongoing learning. 
I took a Sunday School teacher graded course where I received a certificate afterward. Another course taught by a counsellor was a "Heart's Course" where I was taught how to minister to others. Another was a Networks course, trained on being a consultant to help people find their unique ministry (which never did quite transpire). I also took a SHAPE instructor course. 

2. Leadership Training Courses.  I was working on creating leadership training modules. I think the women would have flocked to such training. The idea was to help women identify and develop their God-given skills and find niches to use them. (It wasn't embraced by my women's ministry team, and now the course is stuck in an old computer.) Women of school-aged children and empty nest children especially would benefit from this training that helps them see a potential pathway before them. 

2. Recognition and promotion. I moved churches a lot due to moving geographically. I offered to lead a Bible Study at one church but was told I had to be "mentored" to do it their way. I get it, but it was a turn off. I turned down the role. I need to be free to fly. Most churches have too much red tape. If they keep doing what they've always done, won't they keep getting what they always get? No change = stagnation in today's society. 

3. Topical discussion group. We don't want to dwell on topics forever, but in balance with Bible studies, women need safe places to share their own life challenges. I suggest age-specific, life challenge specific groups. Where, for instance, do 48 to 55 year old women fit?

Well, that's just a bit of thinking off the top of my head. Hope something helps you. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

New Book Tinnitus, God, and You

When I discovered I had tinnitus that wouldn't let up, I began researching treatments. I then tried multiple treatments and sought the help of multiple professionals. I had gathered so much information that I put it into eBook form. I even quickly published it on Amazon. But my motives weren't right. I thought perhaps that once I wrote I would have accomplished the purpose for which I was afflicted and then God would relieve me.

I wasn't relieved. So I took the book down.I didn't see the value in a book that didn't result in a cure. 

Recently, I went back and re-read some of it and found I felt my faith was encouraged by some of the spiritual guidance I'd included. A light went on that the purpose of the book wasn't to help others find a cure, but to encourage them to walk through tinnitus with faith in God.

I've now re-written the book and it just went up on Amazon today. And to my amazement, I have quiet today! That is, no ear hissing, buzzing, ringing. I pray that continues.

Here is a glimpse at the new book. Recommend it to someone you think it might help.

 Tinnitus, God, and You: Walk Through Tinnitus with Faith by [Garde, Rose]

Thursday, October 19, 2017

My MishMashed Life

Life with God is hard to figure out. This post is a little self-centred today, but maybe you'll connect.

I invite God into my day regularly. He knows my heart's desires. He knows my willingness level. He knows what I'm good at and where I need motivation. I am confident in his leadership.
Art by Rosalie Garde

I left the paid workforce I was in fulltime for 14 yrs to raise my children fulltime. From then on I looked for outside paid work, but when I didn't find any, I looked for things I could do from home. I truly believe if God wanted me at a job outside my home, he would have opened that door. Even now I often crave that. 

In 2006, I took life coaching courses and worked with a number of women from then until 2011. Life coaching as a calling is hard too. It's hard to find enough clients to stay busy. The desire is still within me, but the doors still aren't opening. I have to wonder if it's time to put that dream away too. 

I love to write and I sell eBooks and articles. At least I have that when I have something to say and share. Thank God for the Internet!

I also create pretty pictures. I could call myself an artist, but the artists I've met locally or online are in a different category to me altogether. I was supposed to show my art at a local bakery deli, but learned that ship has sailed. (The owner's words.) What a letdown!

I tried to hold a group this summer for women to feel supported, women didn't show up consistently. Another letdown.

We can go through life wondering if God has tossed us aside. We know we are skilled and want to use our skills broadly and regularly. I know I do many little important things, but it is often hard to see the bigger picture. 

God seems to send me on missions of his making. Right now my mother-in-law is in a different hospital being assessed again. She may be moved to a long-term care home soon and my husband and I are having to speak with many professionals and will be touring long-term care homes. In some ways this is like a job in itself. 

When I can't quite see the bigger picture of my life purpose, I can at least embrace the structure that is in my day

How about you? Are you feeling life is complex and hard to figure out at times? Do you still trust God is in control? 

Sunday, October 08, 2017

An Opportunity To Boost Your Life - Cambridge, Ontario

I need to hear from women in the Cambridge, Galt, Hespeler, Kitchener and surrounding area again.

I've been asked to consider a proposition for a new opportunity to coach women in person in the area. 

I need to hear from women who would pay to be coached or to have a consultation in person or in a group setting in a Galt location.

This is yet another step in developing and living out my Mission Statement. It is the next step in the development of my local groups, and the Support Groups I brainstormed with my friend. 

I am a certified Life Purpose Coach and a Freelance Writer who produces web content for sale. 

Possible topics:

Life Coaching
  • Life Purpose Coaching
  • Life Direction
  • Midlife Transition
  • Supportive Guidance
  • Mentoring
  • Christian Coaching 
  • Prayer Partnering
  • Goal Setting
  • Accountability
  • Writing Non-Fiction
  • How to Create a Blog Post
  • How to use Blogger (or Wordpress I would refer you too my co-hort)
  • Help in Creating a Kindle eBook
  • Help in Writing Articles 

If this is of interest to you or someone you know, email me or comment below! I can't wait to hear from you!