Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Books for the Midlife Christian Woman in Midlife Crisis

Rose Garde, Life Purpose Coach®

This blog has been running for many years now as a response to midlife queries I received on my original blog.  Wanting to offer readers a tool that combines a lot of info from the posts, I wrote my first book and its companion pictured below:

They address the myriad of issues we face as midlife Christian women. I point to my own crisis and lessons learned.  There are highlighted tips—16 Essential Steps—offered to guide and encourage readers. 

These books are different than generic midlife crisis books because I speak from the viewpoint of a Christian woman living within the challenges of her own humanness while looking to God for direction.  

Sometimes Christians feel they should have it all together--that Jesus is enough.  Well he is, but while on this earth we face normal human challenges that can keep us from living our best life. We do ourselves a disservice not to give the idea of a midlife crisis the respect it needs.  

Women need help.  Their husbands need help in understanding what's going on with their wives.  The church needs help in understanding this age bracket's challenges.    

Third Book

The third book is for the woman who, after many attempts, is still striving to find the answer to how to spend her days.  Since having my own epiphany about how to make my time meaningful, I have felt more directed.  I’ve seen God’s hand in what I do.  I am learning to trust the process of living out my results. 

The book includes several exercises for a woman to discover her inner self, and who she is in midlife. The goal of the book is that the reader will arrive at her 5 top essential passions--things she must do to feel alive, whole and centered.  

If you are still looking for answers to your midlife crisis, these books might be helpful in helping you gain some perspective. 

Only currently available on KINDLE.  Kindle books can be read on any digital device. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Is an Era Ending?

As I check the analytics of my blogs I've noticed this one is starting to lag. I could get discouraged, or I could take it as a sign an era is ending.

I began this blog after becoming a certified Life Purpose Coach back in 2006.  That's almost 10 years ago.  Over time, I've moved away from offering telephone coaching in favour of writing self-coaching ebooks for purchase.  It's just a more efficient use of my time.

Nevertheless, what keeps me going is seeing the analytics and getting feedback by way of comments, emails and seeing what's been typed into the search engine that has brought women here.

I know that now, 10 years later, we are inundated with life coaches.  Not only that, there are fitness coaches, creativity coaches, health coaches, you name it.  It's a very populated area.  A lot of us with the same interest use each other's services.  A lot of us refer each other.  And a lot of us preach to the choir.

Now that my analytics are down, I'm going to ask God if it's time to pack this blog up.  If not, I'm going to need new inspiration.  There is a time and season for everything under the sun, but somethings are meant for a lifetime.  Let me know what you think. 

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Christian Woman - Be Careful of Your Thoughts

If you're like me, at any given time there are numerous thoughts swirling and whirling in your mind looking for a place to land.

Or, another way to put it is there is a field of thoughts and I merely need to choose one to focus on.

When this type of thing happens, I notice a mixture of positive and negative thoughts, peaceful and worrisome thoughts.  Sometimes I think it's important to worry so that something doesn't slip by my perfectionist mind.

But I know enough now that it's important to choose the right thoughts and not let thoughts choose you.

My strategy is to pray for God to direct my thoughts and for God to take authority over my day.  Then I try to ignore some of the more trivial thoughts. Sometimes it's better to walk away from them as you might walk away from a contentious conversation.

Be careful which thoughts you choose to grasp today!


Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Stuck in a Midlife Crisis?

The cover was taken from my painting "Beth's Seaside Cottage."

Our Need to Dream Again 
I recall a time years ago when I had no new dreams. That scared me.  I think I was about 48.  I was leading a group of women, encouraging them to capture their dreams, but I had none aside from developing my new life coaching practice.  But with only a handful of clients at the time, I'd become discouraged.  

A few years later, I found myself battling moods in my flip-flopping role of part-time empty nest mom. I'd gotten nowhere with jobs I'd applied to.  I had a couple of small work-from-home businesses, but I wanted something grander.  I was caught in a flurry of discontentment. 

I'd sought direction for years and couldn't seem to find what God wanted me to spend my time on next in midlife that would be as meaningful as my role of raising my children. The lack of a new dream or answers about my next life phase calling had me caught in a midlife crisis that dragged on for years.  

Finally, I was given an epiphany [from God]. It is this epiphany that forms the basis of my new eBook.

New eBook to Help You Through Your Midlife Crisis

My new eBook is especially helpful for women in a midlife crisis or those that just want another perspective.  

This book will take a woman through a number of exercises that will help her narrow down her top five essential passions and help her find life direction. I know there are lots of passion books out there.  This is different.  This isn't about finding that passion that will turn into a paid career.  It may, but that's not the goal.  

The book is about looking at your innate makeup--the way God designed you--and taking seriously your top five areas of interests, developing them, and trusting God to use them as he sees fit.

I suggest once you identify your top five passions in midlife that you look at them as "your job."  This is especially helpful for the woman who has left her paid job or never re-entered the workforce after raising children.  This is helpful for the woman who has applied for new jobs and faced age discrimination and gotten nowhere. 

This is for the woman who has faith in God and believes the results she arrives at are from him.  

I'm not you, you're not me, so I have no idea if you'll connect with what I've written.  But I offer it humbly to you.  Check it out for yourself. 

Only currently available in Kindle format on Amazon, but can be read on any electronic device such as your computer, laptop, iPad, phone, etc. 


Monday, June 29, 2015

Children Headed of to College?

For many women this time of year can be frightening.  Many will be sending a child or more off to college/university.  Some will commute from home, others will move out and into residence.

This transition is a marker not only for the child, but for the parents.  If you fit into this category and you feel uneasy, you probably aren't alone. A little uneasiness is normal.

There are always strategies to put in place to walk through this phase joyfully. As I've navigated this journey with putting two of my own children into university residence, I now pass on these tips to you:
  • Trust God, once more.  Release them into his care. Trust that he will unfold your next steps too.
  • God will give you supernatural grace to see it through.
  • Don't project your thoughts into the far future and get hung up on being "without" them. Let things unfold a day and step at a time.
  • This will be the beginning of a new phase for you too.  You will be introduced to new adventures through them.  
  • The school year is short.  They will probably be back Thanksgiving, Christmas, reading week and possibly weekends along the way.  
  • You'll have benefits of them being gone. You'll be freer to do more since you won't have to drive them around, share a car, make meals, buy a constant supply of groceries, etc.  
  • Keep in touch by email, phone, texting or Facebook messages (you don't have to friend them).  
  • Visit their campus and take them out for a meal.  Don't over-do it though.
  • Let them know they are always welcome to come home.  If they shy away from returning home, specifically invite them.  Tell them to bring along new friends if they'd like.

Remember you raised them for this moment.  Be proud of the steps they will take.