Saturday, October 05, 2019

My Style as a Life Coach

I had an incident recently where someone told me she didn't see me as a coach. I was a little insulted, but then I realized it didn't matter how she saw me. Her opinion doesn't validate my coaching ability. She's never worked with me on that level. 

God gifts each of us differently. My approach to living is vastly different from that woman's. That she doesn't see me as a coach doesn't mean I've not been trained, certified, and effective. 

Old photo of daughter and her cousin

My coaching has to do with motherhood, raising a family, trying to find unique life purpose, taking steps, seeking God, identifying passions and, more or less, being a safe person to talk to. 

My skill is to hear beneath a woman’s words. I’m a woman of faith and vision and my spiritual gifts are encouragement and discernment.

I want my clients to feel supported and care so much I sometimes worry they won't find what they are looking for. 

But I trust the results to God. My coaching is Christian-focused with a strong reliance on asking what God wants and looking at his timing.

I know other coaches in person and virtually.who are more consultants than coaches. Others are business growth coaches, health and fitness coaches. 

Lately, I life coach through written tools. The tools tell stories and ask a lot of questions. I've led groups, and have coached many women one-on-one by telephone. I love email coaching too. I'm always pondering new avenues. 

If you choose a coach, choose someone who matches your personality or goals. 

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