Saturday, October 05, 2019

My Journey as an At-Home Mom into the Life Coaching World

I was an at-home mom and homemaker for many years. You might say, I'm still home. It's been God's calling for me. 

Over time, I applied for jobs and took on temporary gigs but always ended back on the home front. 

It took a lot for me to find my way in life as there'd been a long war within my soul about a craving something meaningful to do outside the home. 

I'd worked before having children so new the perks a job might offer. I'd made a promise to myself I would one day return to work. But with raising children, the idea of working paled. I couldn't find the right thing that convinced me to give up the perfect life I already had for a paid job. 

We got a dog who filled my time a little more as I tried to unravel God's next calling on my life aside from my home and family.

I was never one for turning on the TV during the day, but one day did and uncovered the TV show called Starting Over

For the first time, I learned about the career of life coaching. Soon enough, the show had me hooked. I loved seeing the featured women go through exercises and transform their lives. I recall thinking, if these women could invite God into the transformation, the process would be so much more powerful. 

I guess God had me in an incubator at that time because a new path was soon revealed.  

While grocery shopping (of all places to find a book), I spotted and purchased Katie Brazelton's book Pathway to Purpose for WomenNext, I saw Brazelton was going to be a chat guest on a Christian online forum, so set aside the time.

I attended and participated in the chat, and before the day ended, Brazelton had called me in Canada (from California) to introduce me to something spectacular--A CHRISTIAN-FOCUSED LIFE COACHING COURSE.

Leaping Lizards!!! God had revealed my next calling in a BIG WAY. I was more than excited. 

The way this all came together, I knew God was working and wanted me to take the course! 

I tried to share this phenomenal chain of events with other women at my church, but they didn't get it. I felt unsupported up in Winnipeg, Canada where no one had even heard about life coaching. (circa 2005).

When God speaks to you, it is often 
ONLY YOU He shares the vision with.

While taking the course, I was required to be coached myself. I looked forward to it because I'd been spinning my wheels for far too long. I needed to share my life path with a trusted woman.

I scanned the biographies of available coaches. I didn't want someone with a PhD. I didn't want a career woman. I didn't want someone who might be condescending finding out I was an at-home mom for so many years. 

(Yes, sadly, there are condescending coaches. Some were my instructors and I won't share here what they said to me, but it was off-putting. How dare they insult the calling God had put on my life!)

I chose Kris, of Idaho. I chose her because of the emphasis her bio had on caring for her family. I needed a coach who would understand my calling of supporting my family.  

I set up my kitchen table with a candle, note pads, and kept my eye on the clock, and with nervous excitement, made my call to Kris. She and I worked through the 10 chapters of Conversations on Purpose for Women .

I passed the course and became a certified life coach. As I reflect on that journey, I am aware there are likely women who would like a coach who understands family dynamics and caters to the woman who chose to be an at-home mom. 

I have carved out some other avenues of work beyond homemaking now as a writer and author and I undertook a few other odd jobs, but I am still very much an at-home mom, homemaker advocate. 

I'm willing to repond to emails about the possibility of coaching or just simply offering what guidance I can to my readers. Please feel free to contact me here.  

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