Sunday, October 27, 2019

Life Transformation

A friend of mine once told me doing housework is therapeutic. I don't know what it meant to her, but I know doing so becomes an activity that makes me look inward. I do tend to deal with a lot of stuff while cleaning my home. 

When equipped with the "just do it" attitude and not a "begrudging" attitude, the thoughts can flow. I can challenge my thinking. I get ideas. I feel useful.

I knew with fall's arrival I'd need a new project. Cleaning the garage hadn't made it onto my list of chores over the summer, so the idea of getting to the excess clutter in the garage is what compelled me to sign up for a decluttering course. 

I had a need to go through some of my Mother-in-law's items stored there, I had a need for a set of new goals for fall, but also I wanted my thinking challenged regarding my home's possessions as my husband and I are in the empty nest again. 

Going through the process of uncluttering is challenging. My thinking has been challenged on many fronts. I know what I want to accomplish during this course practically, but for the rest of my life, that's still a bit of an unknown. 

Letting Go

The entire idea of letting go, though, is timely as I am letting go of my adult children more and more.  And with no inlaws left on my husband's side, my own mom being elderly, my and my spouse's siblings having their own families to look after, and my own children developing their own lives, I've been put in a position to let go of traditions and other expectations.

We may make new traditions, but I doubt it. I think my mindset is to live in the now--making the most of every opportunity, being present, enjoying the beauty in daily activities.

My dog of 14 years also passed away. I've been freed of her loving and loyal attachment that was far beyond necessary. She wore herself out following me around. I was her joy and she mine. She can rest now and play in heaven, and I now feel peace and freedom to start fresh in new areas. 

What do I want to become? Healthy, happy, loving, inspiring, available.

How will I do that? Well, that's for my personal journal. 

How about you, re-read the meme at the top of the page as often as you need to. Develop your own set of answers.

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