Saturday, October 12, 2019

Challenge Yourself with This Simple Exercise

This is the remnants of the first blog I wrote after coaching certification. I have many blogs now and a new one for the older Christian woman. Please have a look if interested. 

I learned years ago one approach to getting out of a funk is to change life up. It can be as simple as driving a new way to work, eating lunch somewhere different, trying a new toothpaste, and so on. 

Last week, I had time to explore. I went to a large store and challenged myself to wander the aisles I don't usually wander. I prayed first because impulse shopping has gotten me into trouble more than once. I didn't want to buy something for the sake of buying it. 

So I wandered into the sports aisle, the camping aisle, and a few others. I got to see what new gizmos are being sold. I think the funniest thing I spotted was this tree trunk cushion. I suppose if you're a camper and find sitting on a tree trunk hard, you might want this. ??

This gives me something for conversation. I'm more enlightened now. And, if someone talks about some other object I may have come across, I'm all the wiser. 

Why not do this yourself? Consider it an assignment to walk through a new store or a new section of a store you're familiar with. Your plan is not to find something to purchase, just to educate yourself and grow in your thinking. Then identify the most unusual thing you spotted. Leave a comment below. 

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