Monday, August 05, 2019

Miracles, Fasting, and Word Pictures

Miracles happen at the same time as travesties hit. It's hard to understand God at times. 

I won't go into detail of the events that led me to write that statement just now. All I know is we can be giddy over one person's blessing and deeply grieved over another's tragedy all in the same day. 

Recently, it dawned on me I should back away from my daily bootcamp commitment for a month. It is like work to me. Daily I have to decide if I'm going to attend or not. I have to shuffle other responsibilities and paid work around it. 

With it being summer, I have plenty of yard work to complete and I want to do some day trips with my husband. Recognizing this gave me the push to cancel a month of membership to take a break.


Often, in life coaching, we urge clients to fast so they can hear from God clearer. I realized today that my August away from from the gym WILL be a fast of sorts--I'll be fasting bootcamp. While I have enough to concern myself with otherwise, the deeper issues of my heart will have more time to flow. 

When I step back in mindfulness, I can often hear God's leading better. New ideas emerge.

I'm looking forward to this period of fasting. I will need to be intentional about seeking God, studying and will need to jot down notes. 

A Word Picture Arose

Recently, as I've been working on a number of projects, a term popped up to describe how I feel about my role. The word God gave me is CONDUIT. 

God seems to be saying I am his conduit--a person who is a go-between, an extension of his love to others.  

I was formally trained to be an administrative assistant. Some of my work in that area is a natural gifting. When I go to work for finding a solution for my son, husband, or so on, I am being their administrative assistant. But when add in prayer, I am more than an administrative assistant, I am a conduit.  

I have always been a CONNECTOR of sorts, but this term CONDUIT is a little more descriptive. I've already done a bit of a Google search on Bible studies on the theme. I'm sure more will be revealed in the days ahead. 

I suppose I'll ask God to show me people and places where he wants me to be his conduit in the days ahead. 

Have you ever been given such a word picture for your life?  

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