Friday, February 15, 2019

Mindset and Goal Setting Lesson #2

Mindset and Goal Setting Lesson 2

There are umpteen ways to decide what areas of life you'd like to set goals in. 

How you'll do it is up to you. 


There is the common wheel of life where you assess how each area is going and jot down ideas to tweak each. 


There is brainstorming where you simply sit with yourself and list endless ideas. 

Later you will filter out those that are realistic or attainable, and then you will make mini-goals within the themes. 

Post-It Note Method:

Here is something I do from time to time as a brainstorming method. I put ideas on post-it notes, hang them on the wall and daily visit the board. 


This exercise assumes you know who you are, your passions and responsibilities, what works for you, and what you want in your life. 

Listing your non-negotiables provides a base for adding mini-goals that will serve and support each area. 

Here's mine:  

Set Mini-Goals

Here is a sample of mini-goals I set to support one of my non-negotiable themes:

Goal-setting isn't humanist. God has put you where you are and gifted you for His reasons. It is your job to identify how God might want you to spend your time and energy to bear fruit. 

Goal-setting will help you have a healthier mindset too. 

I suggest you start with where you are and who you are before adding in big goals like climbing a mountain. 

Ask God to direct you and He will present unique ideas to you eventually. 

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