Saturday, January 26, 2019

Midlife Woman and Health Obsession


I’ve realized a trend that is overtaking women, myself included. It is problematic because this trend can become an idol. It can play with our belief system. It can make us waste time and spend money we don't necessarily need to.

What is this trend? It is a trend to over-analyse our health, pursue endless weight loss solutions, and listen to too many health gurus. Everyone has a solution. 

So we go about trying to manipulate our health, spending money on products and programs, and making our body’s health an idol. If we aren't careful it becomes another tool for the devil to use. It causes worry. It imprisons us. 

Because we can do an Internet search on any number of maladies, it is easy to get caught up in self-diagnosis. I’m not against Internet research or helping yourself to become healthier, but we need to keep it in balance. My online naturopath posts good information regularly. The problem is, I fall into so many categories she speaks of.  Right now I have so many health supplements to take for various maladies that I rarely remember to take them all or remember what they were for. 

The problem is, I still have many of the issues these supplements were supposed to resolve. So do they work? Or do they label me as insufficient, unhealthy, a failure, or a health concern. 


I have been trying to resolve tinnitus (impossible to resolve) which seems to strike many menopausal women, and neck pain. Only recently did God reveal that some of the neck pain may be due to my habit of “cracking” my neck to relieve tension. That and popping my ears every few minutes. I’ve dealt with tic disorder over the years so thinking this is a new tic makes sense. I may be over stressing the area in an attempt to resolve it. Perhaps instead of taking supplements to fix the problem, I need to change the tic habit. 

There are also so many eating programs and opinions it gets nauseous. Keto this, paleo that, Weight-Watchers, calorie or carb counting, and at my gym “macro” counting.There are many false gods out there.  I’m not sure God wants us becoming so obsessive about food. 

Pray for God to give you discernment about your food. Ask him to point out habits that need changing. Ask him about your nutrition. Ask him if you've made body health a god. Filter any advice and tips through prayer. Follow the ones God seems to nudge you on. 

Life is about more than trying to attain perfect health. 


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