Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Enlarge your Life

I will always remember instructor Katie Brazelton teaching women this concept. I don't recall if it was through coach training or in her Pathway to Purpose book and life coach training material, but nevertheless, this concept stuck:

Take a step, make a low-cost probe. 

Here is a little meme I just created on this theme:

I've decided, for the most part, to not to chase down opportunities, but to let God bring them to me. How he has done this in many cases is to give me an idea.  When the idea sits right, my low-cost probe is to investigate it further. 

One such idea was to make my mother-in-law an encouragement book. With that decision, I was led to a resource called where I've enjoyed making photographic memes like the one you see above. I hope my mother-in-law has found the book I made her helpful. Taking that one step has broadened my world so much!

Another idea I had was prompted by a friend. I was challenged to hold a local women's group with complete strangers. I did it! I learned from it. And from that experience came an opportunity to show my art on the walls of the bakery we'd held our group at. That's still to happen. 

This is how one step leads to another. 

I could go on about how opportunities open up, but I won't take up more space. I want to encourage you to take your silly, boring, grand, pretty, masterful ideas and develop them. Make investigations. Take steps. 

Doing so will enlarge your life. 

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