Monday, July 03, 2017

Be Willing to be Perfectly Imperfect

I was just reviewing one of my Facebook pages. You're welcome to join it. It's called Self-Coaching Tools for Christian Women.  It has snippets of prompts and is a place I can advertise my latest eBooks. 

Creating this page was a whim and risk. I'm shy by nature. I work from home selling web content and eBooks and often don't interact with my clients or readers. I've never been into business to be seen or for big money. 

As I was reviewing my Facebook page, I realized one of my eBooks got a rating on Goodreads. It was 3-stars and I'm thankful. But the reality of seeing stars made the idea sink in that I could be rated. The possibility of being rated or judged is something I have to buck up and face. I can't let it derails me from my mission.

Creating my eBooks has been a labor of love--my Christian ministry. It's risky posting so many things on the Internet. I'm shy. I'm sometimes fearful. But I'm willing to be perfectly imperfect. I have to be bold and take steps if I'm to feel my life is to amount to anything in its second-half. 

What's this Got to do with You?

If you're to move forward in midlife carving out new passions, you're going to have to take risks too. 

I took risks posting my art online. My dear friend Diane Cunningham-Ellis started posting her Heart Art on Facebook which prompted me to do likewise. I'd gotten back into creating art about the same time she started. I thought, "If she can post her work, so can I."

Doing so helped me realize how fun it is to share my passion for creating art. Sharing it is far better than creating pieces and leaving them sitting in the basement. 

Tip for You:  Share your passions!

Then, I learned I could create a page to sell my art as prints on Fine Art America. Again, it's more about sharing my passions than it is about making big bucks. Creating my page was so fun. I can post from it directly onto Twitter or Facebook. 

Through all of this I learned how many ways my art can be used digitally too. It can be turned into grocery bags, t-shirts, and even a duvet or shower curtain if someone wanted that type of thing. 

I've recently used my art to create a number of memes for Facebook and Twitter with the online program Canva.  

There are many, many people who are Internet-shy. I know all the reasons and many are justified. To me, the joy of being on the Internet is greater than my fear. I'm willing to be perfectly imperfect. It's all out here, flaws and all. 

How about you? What's holding you back? 

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