Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Planning for 2015 with a God Plan

Artist - Rosalie Garde, 2014

God's word teaches us that he plans the best path for our life.  It doesn't teach that life will be easy or straightforward, though.  God often tests us.  He uses challenges to develop us.  Often, the test is a test of our belief in him.  The test is to prove whether or not we will trust him in the difficulties and in the desert.

God created us for his pleasure and he derives pleasure from seeing us enjoy life.  He gives us skills and abilities to use and enjoys watching us use them.

We may have ideas of what should happen as we develop our skills and abilities.  When things don't happen as we've imagined, doubt sinks in.  At those times, it may be helpful to fall back on our face before him to ask for clarity.  Drawing toward him is a much better choice than giving up our dreams and running away.

How to Run Toward God for Clarity

Especially as one year closes and a new one is about to open, many women evaluate their lives.  They constantly crave for that something more and want God to reveal it.  When our calling feels dead-ended or boring, we crave new revelation from God. Especially as 2015 unfolds, we want a plan.  How do we get it?

First, pray the communication between you and God is clear, repenting of sins that may be in the way.

Second, invite God into the questions you want answered.  Let him know what you need clarity on.

Third, go on a "plan hunt."  40 days is a popular biblical time frame.  During that time do daily Bible and Christian book studies and make notes in a journal. Mediate on the themes. Trust God will speak through those times.

Fourth, fast something--TV time, Facebooking, computer, coffee, food.  Doing so helps set your mind in a "zone" where you will be more spiritually sensitive.

Last, listen for common themes.  Watch what happens next and take it seriously.  If new people show up in your life, consider them sent by God.  Watch for invitations to events or to join groups.  Pay attention to what calls to you and investigate it. Spend time on developing your passions and hobbies.

If nothing new seems to be revealed, keep doing what God has you already doing!  Remember, if God has the best plan for your life, the plan you're on is THE BEST one!