Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Good Goals

A NICE WINTER GETAWAY - Botanical Gardens Burlington, ON

Is setting new goals spiritual?  I'd say so.  Let's look at this verse: 

    Romans 12:2
    Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

God is all about transformation, change and growth.  If you let God in to do the transforming, you will uncover his good and pleasing will for your life!

Here are a few worthy New Year's goals to have:

Goals for the New Year:
  1. Develop greater confidence in God by gaining more knowledge of him:  Only if you know God and how he works will you be able to thoroughly trust him.  Life deals tough blows and you'll handle them better if you are able to walk through them with a God you know and trust.  

  2. Put God in Charge:  No matter how much you think you've given your life and belongings over to God, before you know it, you will begin to take parts back.

    Everything belongs to God.  You belong to God, and all you possess belongs to God.  You are merely a steward.

    Invite God into everything you do.  Invite him into your relationships, your work, when making up your to-do list, your meal planning, your exercise routine, your bank book, and your decisions.  Keep putting him in his rightful place. Start your day talking to God. 

    (If you think this point is over-spiritualizing, that shows me you really need to look seriously at this area.)
  3. Grow in God-confidence:  Make connections between your prayers and what happens next.  Look for his hand working in your circumstances.  Then, give him thanks.  Record revelations.  Record answers to prayer.  Give him credit.  Use today's successes as reminders for the future. 
To summarize, the goals suggested above are to develop greater confidence in God.  Then he can transform you.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Resolutions, Planning, Schedule Making


1. Formal authorization or expression of an action, decision, intention, opinion, transaction, etc. (from Business

Are you writing up your formal intentions for 2014? 

The turn of the calendar is very motivating to most of us.  Even if you don't have a long-range vision, you can set plans for the next few days or weeks.

If you had a good year in 2013, I advise you continue to build on what you've started.  God puts his followers on paths designed uniquely for them.  Clues to your path are all around you.  While it may seem mundane, you are involved in the very things God wants you involved in.  If you suspect there is more to be had, ask God to open your eyes.

I've not had any offers that would lead me to move away from writing and coaching as my main thing just yet.  So I will carry on.  In the meantime, I've resolved to start each day by asking:  God what do you want?  How do you want my time spent?  Who do you want me to interact with?  

I've also made up a schedule. I already have a carry-forward list on the go of one-time tasks (like designing a new deck out back).  But now I've listed all the things I have to do as a homeowner, mom, wife, pet owner, writer, coach.  That list in itself is exhausting.  Just looking at it, it's no wonder I always feel behind.  

Then I broke down how I might spend my time.  My list is something like this:

08:00 coffee, breakfast, email, collecting writing fodder
09:45 shower
10:00 yoga
10:30 hair, do make-up, get dressed
11:00 study and journalling
12:00 lunch

 1:00 write, edit, market, create art, coach
 3:00 run errands, clean, do gym workout, walk dog...
 5:00 make dinner
 6:00 eat dinner
 7:00 coach, write, small group, watch tv, create art

You can see at this rate, there's not much more that can be fit in. The choices will vary from day to day.  Let me also mention, I haven't listed anything new.  I've been doing yoga for several months now, for instance.  I'm carrying on things I've discovered work for me.  But I did want a more structured approach so I can be more productive.  

You'll notice it seems I don't "work" in the morning.  As a writer, I find I'm always working.  My mind is always "on."  I think in the shower, I think while doing yoga, I think while studying.  My mind is always writing, praying, thinking through get the picture.    

While I am also interested in outside volunteer work, social opportunities, possibly a part-time job, first I'll try to maintain this schedule to see how it goes. 

Does this help you?

What will your schedule look like this week?