Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Value of Routines, Sabbaticals and Yoga

I've scaled back some other work I do in order to take a sabbatical and work on my eBooks.  

Anyhow, I don't want to neglect this blog.  I do some of my best thinking a) when I do yoga, and b), when I go for walks, and I thought up something I'd like to post for my readers today; to do with the value of sabbaticals, yoga, routines and self-care. 

In a new life phase (empty nest) myself, I want tweaking and change.  So, as I mentioned, I've stopped some of my paid work.  I also have wanted a well-deserved rest from all the years of motherhood too, and this sabbatical makes sense. ( I just can't imagine having 4 to 8 children.  I would have been done in I'm sure.)

So the points: 

Sabbaticals are great.  They don't necessarily mean a person is burnt out, depressed, or ill. 

An individual may choose to take a sabbatical for self-care.  Some will even approach an employer in order to take an unpaid sabbatical to regroup.  Some employers welcome the idea.  Some enforce it.  Others might say "use your vacation time."

Because I'm a freelancer, I don't get paid on my sabbatical, (so go buy some articles! lol).  I know I'm meant to take it, so I'm not going to worry about money. 

Routines are valuable, especially when you are at a crossroads, unemployed, seeking direction, on a sabbatical, looking for stress relief, a work-from-home entrepreneur, and so on.

Here are a few routines I've put into my day:

  1. Drink a glass of water.
  2. Eat something healthy and with protein and fibre.
  3. Have a great cup of coffee and read emails, Facebook, Twitter, the news, etc.
  4. Shower to relieve stiff muscles.
  5. Turn on my TV to 929 - the music station that plays nature music.
  6. Do yoga or stretching. 
Let me pause there for a moment.  I studied yoga when I was a teen.  I know some legalistic Christians have a problem with the term "yoga"; I don't.  I'm careful of the music I play (some of it in classes in the past made me feel down) as music affects the mood. 

I have no middle-eastern mysticism going on, just me on my mat in the bedroom with my yoga instruction book, my music, and maybe my cat or dog nearby. 

I feel close to God when I do yoga.  I love it when I get so caught up in listening to my body that my mind wanders (usually in some type of inverted position), and ideas flood my mind. 

I had my niece here last week and  didn't know exactly what we'd do at first.  As I did yoga, a complete plan came to mind.  We followed the plan and had an eventful time.

When I was young I promised I'd never give yoga up.  Guess what?  I gave it up.  And I've become "rusty" as a result.  This is why I do it alone in my room instead of a class.  I need to go at a very low-level pace since some moves are totally impossible now!

After the yoga I

6.  Go to a favourite place to study, journal, write prayers and figure out my to-do list.

7.  Then I choose the most important thing I have to accomplish and choose a time to accomplish it. 

Having a start-up routine has helped me stay grounded, stay in tune with my body and mind, and I've been able to see and chart progress in many areas. 

I highly recommend you create a routine that works for you.